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#dextrose, 2010-10-23

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14:39 ibansal_ <ibansal_!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
14:39 ibansal_ alsroot, around?
14:40 alsroot ibansal_: yup
14:41 ibansal_ alsroot, can you answer yesterday question
14:41 <dipankar> alsroot, the problem we are facing is with the call self.connect('pop-up',self__popup)
14:42 alsroot ibansal_: what problem you mean?
14:43 ibansal_ alsroot, even if we make a memory widget as to how we would pass the parameter in the function --"palette"
14:44 alsroot ibansal_: can't figure out what "palette" you mean, could you pastebin code snippet
14:44 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #dextrose
14:48 ibansal__ <ibansal__!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
14:48 ibansal__ alsroot, http://pastebin.com/c5AD1rf0
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14:49 alsroot ibansal__: but in code you posted, __popup_cb doesn't use "palette" at all
14:50 ibansal__: what usecase you meant for "palette"?
14:50 ibansal__ alsroot, the pasted function is being called as  self.connect('popup', self.__popup_cb)
14:51 can you check JournalPalette in view/palette.py
14:52 if we make a new class or a widget which could perform the memory function for class -- we dont have the papameter to pass value for  "palette"
14:53 alsroot ibansal__: you don't need to use "popup" signal to update memory info, use, eg, http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]lity-notify-event
14:54 ibansal__ alsroot, using popup is not a problem
14:54 the problem we are facing is to pass a value for "palette"
14:55 alsroot ibansal__: btw what do you think is "palette" argument in __popup_cb?
14:56 ibansal__ alsroot, according to me it is being defined in the class when the JournalPalette class is called which is inherited by the function
14:57 for eg :     def create_palette(self):
14:57        palette = VolumePalette(self._mount)
14:59 alsroot, if you check there are same code present in both Journalpalette and VolumePalette class for calculating memory
14:59 alsroot ibansal__: nope, it is a sender of "popup" signal
14:59 ibansal__ alsroot, sorry didnt get you
15:01 alsroot ibansal__: http://zetcode.com/tutorials/g[…]torial/gtkevents/
15:02 ibansal__ alsroot, i am not clear as to what would you like to be done for this issue
15:02 alsroot ibansal__: it is basic knowledge about gtk events, you need to know such basic things before starting gtk coding
15:02 ibansal__: palette in __popup_cb is event sender
15:02 ibansal__ alsroot, +1
15:03 what it does is to send popup signal when journal button is clicked and call function for calculating memory
15:05 alsroot ibansal__: you can do what __popup_cb does while handling eg visibility-notify-event event
15:06 ibansal__ alsroot, that is fine
15:07 what i am asking is if we make a new class for memory , how are we going to pass the 'palette' parameter
15:13 alsroot, i think i got what yo meant
15:15 alsroot ibansal__: yup, you don't need 'palette' because it is only "sender" on popup signal
15:15 *of
15:15 ibansal__ alsroot, understood
15:15 thanks for the above pointer
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18:07 ibansal_ alsroot, around?
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18:08 ibansal_ alsroot, around?
18:11 alsroot ibansal_: yup
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