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#dextrose, 2010-10-21

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
11:10 manusheel_afk is now known as manusheel
17:44 ayushg <ayushg!~ayush@> has joined #dextrose
17:45 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
19:04 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
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19:14 50UAAUZEH <50UAAUZEH!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
19:14 13WAALQ9P <13WAALQ9P!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
19:14 ibansal_ <ibansal_!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
19:15 ibansal_ alsroot, around?
19:15 alsroot ibansal_: yup
19:16 ibansal_ i was working on issue on 1858
19:16 and had send a patch for it
19:16 i have got a review to do the scaling using gconf
19:17 alsroot ibansal_: if it was maint/dev reply, you just need to follow it
19:18 ibansal_ okay
19:18 can you provide any pointer on how it can be done?
19:18 alsroot ibansal_: grep for "gconf.client_get_default" sougar project
19:20 though /me is not sure how gconf relates to scaling, scaling is being calculated from envar
19:20 ibansal_: see style.py from sugar-toolkit, there is not any gconf code that relates to scalling
19:21 ibansal_ alsroot, okay checking
19:25 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
20:08 ibansal_ alsroot, i was checking style.py
20:09 as i interpreted the review on patch i think they have asked to use FONT_SIZE variable to do scaling
20:10 any ideas how that can be done?
20:12 alsroot ibansal_: whats the problem you mean? FONT_SIZE is a regular value and can be passed to style.zoom()dd
20:14 ibansal_ alsroot, i am not sure that directly multiplying this variable would solve the issue
20:16 alsroot ibansal_: if you don't have particular direction of implementation in mind, ask activity devs
20:17 ibansal_ alsroot, sure that would a better thing to do
20:17 alsroot is not sure what would be useful for TA
20:43 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
20:45 ibansal_ has quit IRC

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