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#dextrose, 2010-10-04

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Time Nick Message
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07:31 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
07:31 ishan hi alsroot around?
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16:25 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
16:26 ishan alsroot, around?
16:29 alsroot ishan: hi
16:31 ishan alsroot, just a min
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16:34 ishan alsroot, i made some changes to display alert box
16:34 can you check the changes because i am not able to display it up
16:36 alsroot ishan: did you uploaded somewhere
16:36 ishan alsroot, just a moment pasting git diff
16:38 alsroot, check http://pastebin.com/rSNK4CV0
16:41 alsroot ishan: where are you stuck?
16:43 ishan alsroot, the alert box is not showing up
16:43 alsroot ishan: w/o errors?
16:44 ishan alsroot, logs show no error
16:45 alsroot ishan: put debug output in install()(just in case) and in all places where it could be executed to see why sugar doesn't call install()
16:45 ishan alsroot, okay let me try
16:51 alsroot, do i have to do any system config before adding debug output
16:51 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #dextrose
16:52 ishan alsroot, also why doesnt it shows execution error as well??
16:52 alsroot ishan: use "logging.error" to make sure that it will be logged in any case
16:52 ishan alsroot, okay
16:54 alsroot, also i am not able to reproduce the bug
16:55 i ran TA version 98 and then upgraded it to 99
16:56 but when i clicked activity bundle in journal for 98 it started and when i ran update for sugar it showed sugar updated that is TA was still version 99
16:56 that means the activity was not downgraded
16:56 right?
16:58 alsroot ishan: did you find what sugar doesn't call install() on clickin on TA-98?
16:58 s/what/why/
16:58 ishan alsroot, havent been able to figure that out
16:58 alsroot ..using debug outlup
16:59 ishan alsroot, okay let me try
16:59 will get back
16:59 alsroot ishan: place debug in every place starting from journal resume to track what is happening
17:00 ishan ok
17:42 alsroot, around?
17:42 alsroot ishan: yup
17:43 ishan alsroot, can you tell me that how can i open sugar files in gui directly instead of changing the files using sudo through terminal
17:43 ayushg has quit IRC
17:46 ishan alsroot, any idea?
17:46 alsroot ishan: if you are changing file in /usr, you can chown to your user and just open in editor
17:46 ishan alsroot, chown to your user??
17:47 alsroot ishan: using "chown" command to change an owner of these files, so you don't have to use sudo
17:47 ishan alsroot, okay
17:47 thanks will  try that
17:51 alsroot, check ishan@ishan:/usr/share/pyshared/jarabe$ chown ishan /usr
17:51 is this correct?
17:52 alsroot ishan: you don't need to chown entirely /usr, just files you are going to change
17:53 ishan: chown ishan:ishan <files>
17:53 ishan alsroot, okay
17:53 alsroot, but there was a way to open root in gui
17:53 i dont remember how it is done
17:54 alsroot ishan: you can open your editor via sudo
17:54 s/open/start/
17:55 ishan alsroot, yes
18:01 alsroot, wherever the bundleregistry is imported it calls get_registry from where the class Bundleregistry is called
18:01 there is no specific file which imports the function install() from bundleregistry
18:02 alsroot ishan: it is impossible to import "install", it could be only invoked (see python docs)
18:03 ishan alsroot, oops sorry but i meant that only
18:04 alsroot ishan: grep for "install(" string
18:05 ishan alsroot, okay trying
18:10 alsroot, check
18:10 ./desktop/activitieslist.py:            registry.uninstall(bundle)
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:    def install(self, bundle, uid=None):
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:                self.uninstall(installed_bundle, force=True)
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:            install_path = bundle.install(uid)
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:            install_path = bundle.install(install_dir)
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:    def uninstall(self, bundle, force=False):
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:                bundle.uninstall()
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:        bundle.uninstall(install_path, force)
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:                self.uninstall(bundle, force=True)
18:10 ./model/bundleregistry.py:        self.install(bundle)
18:10 ./journal/journalentrybundle.py:    def install(self, uid=''):
18:10 ./journal/misc.py:            registry.install(bundle)
18:10 ./journal/misc.py:            bundle.install()
18:10 ./journal/journalactivity.py:                registry.install(bundle, metadata['uid'])
18:10 ./journal/journalactivity.py:            registry.install(bundle)
18:10 ./journal/palettes.py:            registry.uninstall(bundle)
18:10 ./journal/journaltoolbox.py:            registry.uninstall(bundle)
18:10 ishan@ishan:/usr/share/pyshared/jarabe$
18:11 alsroot, dont think so that install() is being called anywhere
18:12 did grep for ishan@ishan:/usr/share/pyshared/jarabe$ grep -r "install(" ./
18:14 alsroot ishan: you can start from the opposite side, from where journal resumes objests
18:15 ishan alsroot, thats fine but i cant seem to find anywhere where any of the functions of bundleregistry are being called
18:15 is this the correct file just to check
18:15 alsroot ishan: what about "registry.install" in your grep output
18:16 ishan alsroot, there is no function such as registry present in the ^^file
18:17 alsroot see source, "registry" is not a function, it is BundleRegistry object
18:18 ishan alsroot, okay
18:18 is checking
18:24 anuragc has quit IRC
18:26 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
18:28 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
18:31 ishan alsroot, sugar is not starting since i have added the logging error
18:31 alsroot ishan: it could be due to errors in your code, see shell.log
18:32 ishan in misc.py , bundleregistry.py and journalactivity.py
18:32 alsroot, thats the problem no shell log generatewd
18:32 generated
18:32 alsroot ishan: if shell.log is empty then sugar-emulator should output errors
18:33 ishan alsroot, sorry didnt get you
18:33 there is no shell.log file even generated
18:33 alsroot ishan: see sugar-emulator output, it should log errors to stdout
18:34 ishan alsroot, sorry didnt get you
18:34 is this some command?
18:35 alsroot ishan: are launching sugar via sugar-emulator?
18:35 ishan alsroot, yes
18:35 alsroot ishan: from terminal?
18:35 ishan alsroot, no just running by clicking the icon for it
18:36 alsroot ishan: start from X terminal, it should output errors
18:36 ishan alsroot, how do we do that
18:36 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
18:36 alsroot ishan: command to run is "sugar-terminal"
18:37 *sugar-emulator
18:39 ishan alsroot, sorry for [asting
18:39 pasting
18:39 got identation error
18:40 weird its is giving identation error for every line i have added
18:44 alsroot ishan: http://docs.python.org/referen[…]ndent#indentation
18:45 ishan: btw if you didn't read http://docs.python.org/tutorial/index.html, better to read it
18:45 ishan alsroot, got it right now
18:46 alsroot, thanks will go through that definately
18:48 alsroot, no log error
18:48 when i ran an old bundle of an undated activity
18:48 updated
18:50 any new pointers?
18:51 alsroot ishan: activity got downgraded?
18:52 ishan alsroot, no
18:52 i am able to run both 98 and 99 version TA easily
18:52 alsroot ishan: was your code executed?
18:52 ishan alsroot, no
18:52 no alert box was displayed
18:52 alsroot ishan: there is no errors in shell.log?
18:53 ishan nope
18:54 alsroot, just to check when we click on a bundle present in journal of an older version the newer version of the activity should be downgraded to the bundle one
18:54 right?
18:54 alsroot ishan: yup
18:55 ishan alsroot, so if we run update for the sugar it should show the activity for upgarde
18:55 right?
18:55 alsroot ishan: if you mean CP updater, then yes
18:56 ishan or even if we check list view it should show the older version correct?
18:56 alsroot, thats what i meant
18:56 alsroot ishan: it should be so, but for it is not such as
18:56 *for now
18:57 ishan alsroot, okay even if we consider the CP updater case only then that is also not happening on my system
18:58 it shows system upto date
18:58 alsroot ishan: yup, because downgrade impelementaion is a task of the ticket you are working on
19:00 ishan alsroot, okay but if the activity is not downgraded then how is older bundle of activity able to  run in newer version of the same activity
19:01 alsroot ishan: it is not old bundle, it is current version is launching
19:02 ishan alsroot, so if the current activity is able to launch the older bundle then whats the need of downgrading activity
19:03 alsroot ishan: if user's purpose is exactly to downgrade activity
19:04 ishan alsroot, okay thats a strange thing
19:04 alsroot ishan: so you got the main issue related to downgrading activities :)
19:05 ishan alsroot, yes
19:05 we all earlier thought that activities are being downgraded and we have to add a alert as to ask user whether he wants to do that or not
19:07 alsroot, thanks
19:07 alsroot np
19:07 ishan finally we have atleast got a hold of what issue is about
19:08 but i am confused why none of errors were shown in logs
19:08 is install() never called
19:10 alsroot ishan: see BundleRegistry.install sources, it check if activity was already installed
19:11 ishan alsroot, yes i saw that
19:11    def install(self, bundle, uid=None):
19:11        activities_path = env.get_user_activities_path()
19:11        logging.error('not upgraded')
19:11        self.alert_confirmation()
19:11        for installed_bundle in self._bundles:
19:11            if bundle.get_bundle_id() == installed_bundle.get_bundle_id() and \
19:11                    bundle.get_activity_version() <= \
19:11                        installed_bundle.get_activity_version():
19:11                raise AlreadyInstalledException
19:11            elif bundle.get_bundle_id() == installed_bundle.get_bundle_id():
19:11                self.uninstall(installed_bundle, force=True)
19:11 but i added a log error just before it which was never shown in logs
19:12 that means it never checked it
19:14 alsroot, any idea?
19:17 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
19:17 alsroot ishan: you can track(w/ debug logging) whats going on from misc.resume to install
19:18 ishan_ has quit IRC
19:18 ishan alsroot, okay
19:20 alsroot, i changed the logging.error to logging.DEBUG in bundleregistry.py in install() but still no logs
19:20 as if install() is called anywhere it should have shown so
19:22 alsroot ishan: I meant you need to track what is python execution path from misc.resume(), and you'll got whats going on and why install() is not invoked
19:26 ishan alsroot, okay
19:28 ishan has quit IRC
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