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#dextrose, 2010-10-02

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Time Nick Message
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17:06 ishan_ alsroot, around?
17:06 alsroot ishan_: yup
17:07 ishan_ alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2080
17:09 manusheel is now known as manusheel_afk
17:13 alsroot ishan_: there were changes in 0.90 that affect this issue, it could be already fixed
17:13 ishan_ alsroot, how can i check this?
17:14 alsroot ishan_: try to reproduce ticket issue in 0.90/trunk
17:14 ishan_: ask bug submitter
17:14 ishan_ alsroot, can you elaborate
17:15 alsroot ishan_: if this issue can't be reproduced in 0.90, then ticket might be just closed
17:16 ishan_ alsroot, okay
17:16 alsroot, i was asking what you meant by 0.90/trunk
17:17 alsroot ishan_: sugar 0.90 or current git version (which should be the same right now)
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17:53 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
17:54 ishan_ alsroot, can  you guide me how can i upgrade my existing sugar version 0.88 to 0.90 once i have cloned the current git repo
17:54 alsroot ishan_: you can start sugar from jhbuild
17:55 ishan_ alsroot, are you refering to cloning the repo and copying the repo into sugar-jhbuild and rebuild it?
17:57 alsroot ishan_: sugar-jhbuild does it for you, it uses recent git versions, afaik
17:57 ishan_ alsroot, okay got it
18:02 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
18:06 ishan_ alsroot, it looks fine to me when i compare with installed sugar
18:08 alsroot ishan_: you mean in installed sugar you can reproduce the bug?
18:09 ishan_ alsroot, i think so as it takes a long time for TA as compared to other activities as pointed on the ticket
18:11 alsroot ishan_: you can reproduce "After you quit the activity, the pulsing icon finally appears!" in installed sugar?
18:13 ishan_ alsroot, no i can reproduce it before the activity starts
18:14 alsroot, what i able to reproduce is When starting an activity in 0.88, the launcher with the pulsing icon is sometimes delayed by a few seconds, during which you only get to see a white window
18:16 alsroot ishan_: fine, you can reproduce 1st bug issue, so can investigate it
18:17 ishan_ alsroot, didnt you said that it might be corrected in 0.90
18:17 alsroot ishan_: I meant only 2nd issue
18:18 ishan_ alsroot, okay acc to me it has been done for second as well since time for which white screen is displayed for TA has decreased considerably
18:18 second/first
18:18 can you check it?
18:19 alsroot ishan_: my machine is too fast, so I can't reproduce it
18:19 ishan_ alsroot, okay
18:24 alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2164
18:24 any pointers?
18:26 alsroot ishan_: where are you stuck w/ this bug?
18:27 ishan_ alsroot, i am a bit confused as to what has to be done actually
18:28 alsroot ishan_: btw someone already asked me about this bug
18:28 ishan_ alsroot, okay
18:29 alsroot thinks someone already work on this
18:29 ishan_ alsroot, let me crosscheck
18:33 alsroot, i dont think so that anyone has worked yet
18:35 anuragc has quit IRC
18:35 ishan_ has quit IRC
18:40 alsroot ishan: ok, you can take it, you can eg popup alert to let user choose, downgrade or not
18:41 ishan alsroot, thanks
18:42 can you also point the repo where it has to be done
18:43 alsroot ishan: it is sugar project
18:43 ishan alsroot, no problem
18:45 alsroot ishan: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar
18:48 ishan alsroot, thanks
18:55 ishan has quit IRC
22:50 manusheel is now known as manusheel_afk

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