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#dextrose, 2010-09-29

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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16:05 anuragc SMparrish: I was working on ticket #2371 and 2372 can I ask you some queries regrding them?
16:15 SMparrish_mobile:^
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17:08 ishan alsroot, around?
17:08 alsroot ishan: yup
17:09 SMParrish_mobile has quit IRC
17:09 ishan alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2161
17:10 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
17:11 alsroot ishan: whats your plan for this bug?
17:12 ishan alsroot, i am presently working on adding '=>' for '='
17:12 i am adding new symbols to the activity
17:12 alsroot ishan: ok, any problems you encountered?
17:13 ishan i am looking presently at two files eqnparaser.py and calculate.py
17:13 alsroot, yes
17:13 the files present in Home/Activities is different from files present in activity cloned from git repo
17:17 alsroot ishan: just parse Calculate sources for "Enter", there is layout.py w/ all buttons
17:19 ishan alsroot, from what i understood from bug was to add features so that it can translate and button
17:19 right?
17:20 do i have to do it by adding buttons?
17:20 alsroot ishan: not sure, I think it is about just renaming some labels on Calculate buttons
17:21 ishan alsroot, check - if you write 5/5 it gives result as 1 which is correct
17:21 so if i define a symbol => that should give the same result as = would give
17:21 this is what i have understood
17:21 from the bug report
17:24 alsroot ishan: if I got it right ticket is about changing labels on existed buttons not introducing new once
17:25 ishan: to mmake Calculate's buttons look like on regular calculators
17:27 ishan alsroot, can you explain which buttons have to be changed
17:29 alsroot ishan: "Enter", "*", "/"
17:29 ..it is from ticket
17:35 ishan alsroot, just t check arent these symbols already present in calculate activity
17:36 t/to
17:36 alsroot ishan: I meant they should be changed
17:37 ishan we already have a  "*" symbol , so do i have to change it to "." symbol
17:37 but there is already a . symbol present
17:37 in the calculate activity
17:40 will be back in 30mins
17:41 alsroot ishan: why, it is still "*" and "Enter" at least
17:45 is looking to master branch
17:45 ishan has quit IRC
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