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#dextrose, 2010-09-28

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Time Nick Message
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15:08 SMParrish <SMParrish!~smparrish@fedora/SMParrish> has joined #dextrose
15:11 SMParrish manusheel: Hello, do you have a list of who is working on what issues atm, and who has time to take on some new ones?
15:23 manusheel SMParrish: Hi Steven. Yes, I have maintained the list. Dipankar, Ishan, Shan and Anurag have time to take on some new ones too.
15:25 SMParrish manusheel: Thank you.  Can I impose on you to email me the current list?  I've finsihed going over all the open issues and will have a few that they can start working on later today
15:28 manusheel SMParrish: Sure, I'll send you the list as soon as I get back to office desk.
15:29 SMParrish: Will do that today. Out for dinner right now.
15:30 SMParrish manusheel: Thanks again.  Enjoy your dinner
15:37 manusheel SMParrish: Very welcome.
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