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#dextrose, 2010-09-25

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Time Nick Message
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15:42 ishan_ alsroot, around?
15:42 alsroot ishan_: yup
15:44 ishan_ alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1858
15:44 alsroot, can you tell how to get zoom font from gconf
15:45 alsroot ishan_: but do you need to use gconf directly? why not using FONT_* constaints from style.py, they are initialized from gconf
15:46 ishan_ alsroot, nice
15:46 okay
16:00 manusheel has quit IRC
16:11 ishan_ alsroot, check http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/027103.html
16:13 alsroot, do we have to implement scaling for blocks and font differently
16:17 alsroot ishan_: why differently, all scaling stuff should depends on global zooming i.e. style.zoom() should be used (directly or indirectly)
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16:41 manusheel <manusheel!7ab164c7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #dextrose
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16:52 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #dextrose
16:53 ishan_ alsroot, around?
16:55 alsroot ishan_: yup
16:55 ishan_ alsroot, http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/027094.html
16:56 in this the zoom has been done using ZOOM_FACTOR from style.py on which there are comments to do the scaling using gconf
16:59 alsroot ishan_: zoom factor is not stored in gconf, it is being calculated from envar, but in any case, better to use style.zoom method rather then ZOOM_FACTOR
16:59 ..of course if it is not about font sizes, for font size better to reuse style FONT_SIZE constant
17:00 ishan_ alsroot, okay but while calling style.zoom what will i pass as units
17:00 alsroot ishan_: but in any case, do what mainteiner/developer suggested
17:01 ishan_: just see how it works (in style.py)
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17:26 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
17:26 ishan_ alsroot, def zoom(units):
17:26     return int(ZOOM_FACTOR * units)
17:26 here units is passed from where we calling
17:28 alsroot ishan_: yup, just use zoom() instead of direct ZOOM_FACTOR
17:32 ishan_ alsroot, thats what i am asking that when i will call the zoom() what will i specify for units
17:33 alsroot ishan_: any number you are going to to scale
17:33 ishan_ alsroot, okay
17:33 any suggestions for the number
18:19 alsroot, check http://pastebin.com/7bfbkcKe
18:20 the code i have made changes is self.scale = (0.67 * style.zoom(1))
18:20 any idea why the syntax error is showing up
18:20 alsroot ishan_: is "else:* style.zoom()" statement valid python code?
18:22 ishan_ alsroot, check http://pastebin.com/01JG4Mbe
18:22 i cant see anywhere where i have written else: ......
18:23 alsroot ishan_: just rely on python :) (he does not magic, usually), if it found that File "/home/ishan/sugar-jhbuild/install/share/sugar/act​ivities/TurtleArt.activity/TurtleArt/tawindow.py", line 103 contains "else:* style.zoom()" than it is true
18:25 ishan_ alsroot, okay
18:29 alsroot ishan_: btw do you really need code TA in jhbuild?
18:30 thinks that using jhbuild for coding activities is overkill for jhbuild
18:30 ishan_: just checkout TA sources to ~/Activities/TrutleArt.activity and code it there
18:31 ishan_ alsroot, thats what i am doing
18:31 alsroot ishan_: but you pastebined traceback that points to /home/ishan/sugar-jhbuild/install/shar​e/sugar/activities/TurtleArt.activity
18:32 ishan_ alsroot, true but since build was taking lot of time i have switched to that
18:33 alsroot ishan_: you mean building of sugar?, you can just install sugar from packages, code TA in ~/activities and try your code launching pure sugar (or sugar-emulator)
18:33 ishan_ alsroot, by build i meant sugar-jhbuild build
18:33 alsroot, okay will do this from next time
18:34 alsroot does it all time.. well actually I don't like jhbuild and can avoid it since I'm a gentoo user
18:41 ishan_ alsroot, i was checking the tawindow.py file present in usr/share/sugar/activities/turtleart and found that both the files were different
18:41 that is the file present in sugar-jhbuild is different from present in sugar
18:41 alsroot ishan_: well, as I said jhbuild is overkill for activities, use native packages and code TA in ~/Activities
18:42 ishan_ alsroot, didnt get what you mean
18:42 should i clone the repo and make changes
18:42 alsroot ishan_: yup, I meant instead of trying why jhbuild doesn't work properly, don't use it at all for coding activities
18:43 ishan_ alsroot, okay
18:43 meanwhile can you check the new errors which came after rebuild http://pastebin.com/rW7tPXAL
18:44 ishan has quit IRC
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18:45 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
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18:47 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
18:47 ishan_ alsroot, any pointer on the new error
18:48 alsroot ishan_: but there are no errors in log you posted
18:48 ishan_ alsroot, but it shows turtleart fails to start
18:48 alsroot ishan_: you need to look into TA logs not shell
18:50 ishan alsroot, thats what i am checking
18:50 alsroot ishan: so vice versa :)
18:52 ishan alsroot, for now i have re pasted the original file and rebuilding to check
18:53 alsroot, can you tell me how can check for changes through the method of cloning activity and making changes
18:54 alsroot ishan: being in activity directory, call `git diff`
18:54 ishan_ okay
18:55 alsroot, by doing so it will check for changes between files right?
18:56 alsroot ishan_: just `git diff` will output changes you've made in all files of this repo
18:56 ishan has quit IRC
18:56 ishan_ okay
18:57 alsroot, but how will that help ,e
18:57 me
18:57 alsroot ishan_: I was answered to your questions :)
18:57 *answering
18:57 ishan_ alsroot, sorry
18:59 alsroot, when i copied the orignal file and rebuild the sugar-jhbuild the turtle art is working fine
18:59 can you point out any errors in the changes which i have made
19:00 alsroot ishan_: could you pastebin your changes oncemore (`git diff` output)
19:06 ishan_ alsroot, dont know but this is showing weird changes http://pastebin.com/z3CQWLDB
19:07 which are not even present in the file
19:09 alsroot ishan_: well, git doesn't do any magic, these are your changes :)
19:09 ..but jhbuild can, so do not use it ;)
19:14 ishan_ alsroot, check http://pastebin.com/ihc1Y2u1
19:15 here are the changes i made in cloned activity
19:16 alsroot ishan_: why not makeing it simpler, instead of "0.67 * style.zoom(1)" just "style.zoom(0.67)"
19:16 ishan_ alsroot, +1
19:16 but the problem here is how to check for changes?
19:16 alsroot hmm.. but it is self.scale, so scaling of scale..
19:17 ishan_ since in sugar-jhbuild the same changes are showing error and the activity file present in sugar-activities is different
19:18 alsroot ishan_: what changes you mean?
19:19 ishan_ alsroot, i mean is there a way to check for changes made in tawindows.py of the cloned repo
19:19 means if the changes are working fine or not?
19:20 alsroot ishan_: well, just run the code
19:20 ishan_ alsroot, how i am supposed to do that
19:20 alsroot ishan_: run TA
19:20 ..from sugar's activities list
19:21 ishan_ alsroot, but the changes have been made in the cloned repo not in the sugar/activities
19:21 alsroot ishan_: are you running sugar from jhbuild?
19:21 ishan_ why would the changes be reflected there
19:21 nope
19:21 alsroot, i have cloned the repo and made the changes which i showed to you using git diff
19:22 alsroot ishan_: from ~/Activities?
19:22 ishan_: I guess nope...
19:22 ishan_ alsroot, no
19:23 alsroot ishan_: just move/copy/ln your cloned repo to ~/Activiteis/<any-name>.activity
19:23 and run sugar
19:23 ishan_ i have cloned the repo from git://git.sugarlabs.org/turtleart/mainline.git
19:23 okaty
19:24 it means you are saying to move the cloned repo to usr/share/sugar/activities/turtelart
19:24 right?
19:24 alsroot ishan_: nope, to ~/Activities, sugar will pick up all activities from ~/Activities/*.activity directoroies
19:25 ishan_ alsroot, okay let me try
19:28 alsroot, sorry but the activity was not displayed in activities list
19:29 alsroot ishan_: whats your exact patch of activity.info file?
19:29 *path
19:29 ishan_ alsroot, sorry didnt get you
19:30 alsroot ishan_: I mean exact path in fs of activity.info of TA activity in your clone
19:30 ishan_ alsroot, okay
19:31 ~/new_patches/turtleart/main​line/Turtleart/tawindows.py
19:32 alsroot ishan_: it should be ~/Activities/Turtleart.activity/tawindows.py (and the rest of TA files as well)
19:33 ishan_ alsroot, okay
19:34 alsroot, can i try by pasting the contents of tawindows,py from cloned repo to the activites/turtleart/tawindows.py
19:34 alsroot ishan_: why just not moving TA directory to ~/Activities
19:36 ishan_ alsroot, can you please elaborate
19:36 is still confused
19:37 alsroot ishan_: `mv ~/new_patches/turtleart/mainline/Turtleart ~/Activities/Turtleart.activity`
19:37 ishan_ okay
19:38 alsroot, but Turtleart.activity already exists
19:38 do i have to move in that only
19:38 or give some other name
19:39 alsroot ishan_: as you wish, but sugar will pick up only one activity w/ particular bundle_id
19:40 ishan_ alsroot, that may be the problem
19:45 alsroot, check http://pastebin.com/FP5GYZBT
19:47 alsroot ishan_: try to create new TA journal objec
19:47 ishan_ alsroot, seems changes are not working since i tried it by copying the new file and runnning sugar
19:47 as well
19:50 alsroot ishan_: according to the log, sugar uses /usr/share/sugar/activities/TurtleArt.activity not your code in ~/Activities
19:50 ishan_: uninstall TA from packages
19:50 ishan_ alsroot, okay
19:52 alsroot, even after removing turtleart the turtleart.activity still exists
19:52 alsroot ishan_: you mean /usr/share/sugar/activities/TurtleArt.activity?
19:52 ishan_ alsroot, sorry i what i meant was ~/activites/turtleart.activity
19:53 alsroot ishan_: why it should be removed, you just removed TA package (from /usr), restart sugar
19:54 ishan_ alsroot, then why does sugar still shows turtleart activity
19:54 alsroot ishan_: it uses TA from ~/Activiteis
19:54 ishan_ okay
19:55 alsroot, check http://pastebin.com/ABXK5Z6R
19:57 alsroot ishan_: well error is obvious, looks like your TA repo is broken
19:57 ishan_ alsroot, okay
19:57 so how should i check then
19:57 alsroot ishan_: remove everything and git clone once more
20:00 ishan_ alsroot, http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]rt/repos/mainline
20:00 is this source fine
20:00 alsroot yup
20:11 ishan_ alsroot, i copied the file from cloned repo to ~/activites and ran sugar emulator but the activity failed to start
20:12 does that mean there is a error in the cloned repo
20:12 alsroot ishan_: what it logs
20:12 ishan_ alsroot, same as before
20:13 alsroot ishan_: you need to ask walterbender then
20:13 ishan_ alsroot, okay
20:13 ishan_ has quit IRC
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