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#dextrose, 2010-09-24

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Time Nick Message
03:08 manusheel is now known as manusheel_afk
09:59 manusheel_afk is now known as manusheel
11:30 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
12:12 ishan alsroot, hi
12:12 around?
12:13 alsroot ishan: hi
12:18 ishan has quit IRC
12:40 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
12:41 ishan alsroot, around?
12:41 alsroot ishan: yup
12:41 ishan sorry got disconnected
12:42 can you resend me the message in reply to my message
12:42 on the bug#2318
12:43 alsroot ishan: didn't get any messages except "hi" :)
12:43 ishan alsroot, okay
12:43 alsroot, i was working on 2318
12:43 i have not been able to call the class volumepalette for the journal button
12:43 plz check http://pastebin.com/tFctt4rb for the changes i ahve implemented under class journalbutton
12:43 can you please provide me some pointer on the mistake i am maki
12:44 maki/making
12:45 alsroot, for now i am just try to implement the volumepalette for journal butoon
12:45 butoon/button
12:46 alsroot looks
12:58 ishan alsroot, any pointers?
12:59 alsroot ishan: what was the error  for this code?
13:02 ishan: but let me guess :), it is wrong VolumePalette argument, you need to use mount object for this
13:03 ishan: btw do you really need to reuse VolumePalette ? i.e. it will try to unmount journal (which is impossible)
13:04 ishan has quit IRC
13:21 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
13:22 ishan alsroot, sorry got disconnected
13:22 alsroot ishan: I guess problem is wrong VolumePalette argument, you need to use mount object for this
13:22 ishan: btw do you really need to reuse VolumePalette ? i.e. it will try to unmount journal (which is impossible)
13:23 just add free space progress bar like in VolumePalette to new palette class
13:23 ishan alsroot, okay let me try
13:29 ishan has quit IRC
13:48 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
13:50 ishan__ <ishan__!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
13:50 ishan alsroot, any pointers on http://pastebin.com/UH09kDj6
13:55 alsroot ishan: but how it is intended to work? e.g. vbox is never assigned, popup is Palette signal not BaseButton
13:56 ishan__ alsroot, okay
13:57 alsroot ishan__: create new palette using VolumePalette as an analog (and how it is being used)
13:57 ishan__ alsroot, but i am not able to understand why making changes here makes my journal icon disappear from home view
13:57 alsroot, got that
14:33 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #dextrose
14:42 manusheel anuragc: Hi Anurag.
14:42 Around?
14:42 anuragc manusheel : yes
14:43 manusheel anurag: How is the busy cursor and SL #2164 issues coming along?
14:44 anuragc manusheel: sir i needed a little tip on gtk and alsroot is not responding , whom shall i contact?   The buzzy cursor will have its proper and running patch uploaded by tonight
14:45 manusheel anuragc: Aleksey will reply soon. You should also touch base with the reviewer of the patch Quozl at #sugar.
14:45 anuragc ok
14:45 manusheel anuragc: Quozl is James Cameron.
14:45 anuragc manusheel : ok
14:54 manusheel anuragc: Did you get a response?
14:54 ishan has quit IRC
14:56 ishan__ is now known as ishan_
14:58 neeraj <neeraj!~neeraj@> has joined #dextrose
15:08 ishan_ has quit IRC
15:08 manusheel neeraj: Hi Neeraj.
15:08 Around?
15:13 neeraj manusheel sir, yes
15:15 manusheel neeraj: How are things coming along?
15:16 neeraj manusheel sir, good. At present working on journal activity color icon issue. Will update u in a min :)
15:17 manusheel neeraj: Sure.
15:24 neeraj manusheel sir, the journal activity store the data of each activity inside homedir/.sugar/datastore/ http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Jour[…]ctivity#Datastore
15:25 Now, for each activity, it also stores the color code for each icon in a file name icon-color.
15:25 Now for fixing the bug, IMO, we have two option.
15:26 One, after every color change of the Xo-icon, update the color of each entry inside data-store
15:28 Two, If we only want to display the current xo icon, then why at the first place we are storing the icon color, we should set it on the fly according to current xo color icon
15:32 manusheel neeraj: Option two makes sense.
15:32 neeraj: Would like you to post it at sugar-devel with tag [Design]
15:34 neeraj manusheel, Ok. I have two discuss one more point. Will discuss it after coming back from dinner. :)
15:34 manusheel neeraj: Sure.
15:55 neeraj is back from dinner.
16:00 anuragc manusheel : Sir, Around?
16:04 ayushg <ayushg!~ayush@> has joined #dextrose
16:08 ayush_ <ayush_!~ayush@> has joined #dextrose
16:09 ayushg has quit IRC
16:10 ayush_ is now known as ayushg
16:12 anuragc ayushg: hello ayush
16:20 manusheel anuragc: Hi Anurag.
16:20 anuragc: I am around.
16:20 anuragc ok
16:24 manusheel ayushg: Hi Ayush.
16:24 Around?
16:29 ayushg manusheel: hello sir
16:33 neeraj has quit IRC
16:34 anuragc has quit IRC
16:43 neeraj <neeraj!~neeraj@> has joined #dextrose
16:46 manusheel ayushg: Hi Ayush.
16:46 ayushg: Did you have a word with Mukul?
16:47 ayushg: Were we able to display the alert box?
16:50 ayushg manusheel: no
16:50 manusheel: actually i had a word with alsroot today
16:50 he said that u cannot use alert functions in bundleregistry
16:51 manusheel: as it is not a gtk.window
16:56 manusheel: instead we will have to use journalactivity.py to catch exceptions and then mplement it
17:04 manusheel ayushg: Do you know how to use journalactivity.py? Any help required on this front?
17:05 ayushg manusheel: it will be tough to edit this file i am currently looking into it and methods to implement using it
17:15 manusheel ayushg: Ok.
17:36 neeraj has quit IRC
18:12 ayush_ <ayush_!~ayush@> has joined #dextrose
18:15 ayushg has quit IRC
18:34 ayush_ has quit IRC

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