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#dextrose, 2010-09-23

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Time Nick Message
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18:27 manusheel neeraj: Hi Neeraj.
18:27 Around?
18:27 neeraj manusheel sir, yes
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18:36 manusheel neeraj: Can you document the steps for the usr meta patch that you created today?
18:49 neeraj: Any progress on the bug?
18:50 neeraj: Were you able to figure out how to pass the different options using gtkiconview?
18:53 neeraj manusheel: not yet. I will try to code the gui.py from scratch and will test the code. I will refer to original gui.py for the same
18:53 manusheel neeraj: Ok.
18:58 neeraj manusheel: I have sent the documentation for usr-meta
18:59 manusheel neeraj: Thank you.
19:07 neeraj: Thanks for sending the e-mail again. Got the attachments.
20:08 neeraj has quit IRC

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