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#dextrose, 2010-09-22

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Time Nick Message
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11:54 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
12:08 ishan dfarning, ping
12:12 alsroot_, around?
12:12 alsroot_ ishan: yup
12:12 ishan alsroot_, hi
12:12 alsroot_ ishan: hi
12:13 ishan alsroot_, can you please explain why do we have to exactly use try block ?
12:13 for the bug #@45
12:13 bug#245
12:14 alsroot_ ishan: to be sure that cursor well be reset after your code
12:14 neeraj <neeraj!~neeraj@> has joined #dextrose
12:15 alsroot_ ..despite of possibly risen excetions
12:15 ishan alsroot_, okay
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12:33 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
12:33 ishan alsroot_, check http://pastebin.com/u96JwazG
12:33 can you tell me what to throw in exception
12:35 neeraj <neeraj!~neeraj@> has joined #dextrose
12:37 alsroot_ ishan: I meant, you need to use "finally" statement not "except"
12:41 ishan alsroot_, okay
12:49 alsroot_, check http://pastebin.com/hWKAhqAr
12:50 alsroot_ ishan: you need to omit except, it is hight level task to catch exceptions, not this level
12:50 ishan alsroot_, no problem
12:50 rest is fine?
12:52 alsroot_ ishan: looks like
12:52 ishan alsroot_, okay
13:08 alsroot_, can you tell me how we can undo the previous commit
13:10 alsroot_ ishan: if commit in your local repo, then just `git reset` (maybe w/ --hard), if commit in remote repo, you of course can rewrite the whole branch but more useful is using `git revert` to create new commit which rollback previous one
13:17 ishan alsroot_, okay
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13:48 ishan__ <ishan__!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
14:11 ishan__ alsroot_, around?
14:12 alsroot_ ishan__: yup
14:12 ishan__ alsroot_, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2318
14:13 i have figured out the file to palette.py
14:13 can you check it?
14:14 the file is present under view folder
14:14 alsroot_ ishan__: not sure if I got your plan, could you elaborate
14:15 ishan__ alsroot_, can you check that view/palettes.py is the correct like to look for the above issue
14:15 like/file
14:16 alsroot_ ishan__: what exact class you mean in palettes.py?
14:16 ishan__ alsroot_, i am refering to class volumepalette
14:18 alsroot_ ishan__: as you can see it is being used in VolumeButton class, so you are right
14:19 ishan__ alsroot_, which VolumeButton class you are refering to
14:20 alsroot_ ishan__: grep for "VolumePalette" within sugar project sources and you'll find where code creates objectes of this class
14:20 ishan__ alsroot_, okay
14:20 alsroot_ s/of this/of VolumePalette/
14:22 ishan__ alsroot_, okay got it
14:24 neeraj <neeraj!~neeraj@> has joined #dextrose
14:35 neeraj alsroot_, hi.. around?
14:35 alsroot_ neeraj: hi
14:36 neeraj alsroot_, can you please explain what "pspec" do in controlpanel/gui.py?
14:37 alsroot_, in reference to do_set_property and do_get_property in SectionIcon class
14:39 alsroot_ neeraj: it is property object which is being set/get
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16:27 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
16:28 ishan alsroot_, around?
16:33 alsroot_ ishan: yup
16:34 ishan alsroot_, i have been making changes in class JournalButton under volumestoolbar.py in
16:35 but i havent been able to get any head up on this
16:35 i compared the code for the journal button in favouritesview.py and activitiestary.py but nothing has worked out so far
16:36 alsroot_ ishan: sorry, what's the context?
16:36 ishan alsroot_, check http://pastebin.com/81hLPr3X
16:37 another thing which i didnt understood was that why the changes made in class JournalButton were also being reflected in the journal button present on the main sugar window
16:43 alsroot_ ishan: well, dunno about last issue, as i can see, JournalButton is being used only once
16:43 ishan alsroot_, any suggestions on inputs added by me
16:44 alsroot_ ishan: in VolumesToolbar, but VolumesToolbar is being used two times
16:45 ishan alsroot_, can you explain
16:47 alsroot_ ishan: never mind, the second use case is object chooser
16:48 ishan alsroot_, to display the size details for journal i have to use journalpalette. right?
16:49 class journal palette present in palettes.py
16:49 alsroot_ ishan: yup
16:49 ishan alsroot_, that class to be called from class journalbutton right?
16:50 alsroot_ ishan: sorry, nope about JournalPalette
16:51 ishan: you need to implement palette for journalbutton
16:52 ishan alsroot_, from what i have understood is that i have to call the journalpalette class from journalbutton class right?
16:52 alsroot_ ishan: nope, journalpalette is abs different palette
16:53 ishan: you just need to implement palette for journal button (or reuse existed one from volumes)
16:53 ishan alsroot_,okay
16:54 alsroot_, cant we use the journalpalette only with some changes as if we compare both the palettes there is not much difference in them
16:59 alsroot_ ishan: as you can see will be useful
17:01 ishan alsroot_, okay let me try
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