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#dextrose, 2010-09-20

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12:43 ishan alsroot, around?
12:44 alsroot ishan: yup
12:44 ishan alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/245
12:46 alsroot, to check it the functioning of busy cursor i added the code self.get_window().set_cursor(g​tk.gdk.Cursor(gtk.gdk.WATCH)) in the buddymenu.py
12:46 http://pastebin.com/vHgwu09y
12:47 the code works and shows busy cursor how ever it starts showing busy cursor even before we click on control pannel option
12:48 alsroot ishan: but why in buddymenu.py?
12:49 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
12:49 ishan_ sorry the rains are giving network problems
12:50 alsroot ishan_: didn't get what was the reason to set cursor in buddymenu.py
12:50 ishan_: I mean maybe in languages cp itself?
12:51 is not sure that all cp section need busy cursor
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12:52 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
12:53 dfarning alsroot, on XOs and XO1.5 sometime it can take a while for the control panel to react to an event.  kids just start poking random stuff:(
12:53 ishan dfarning, hi
12:54 dfarning ishan hey
12:54 ishan dfarning, do you see any problem in the code i have added to test for busy cursor?
12:54 alsroot dfarning: you mean while openning any cp section?
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12:55 dfarning alsroot, it is not something you notice until running a XO that is low on available memory or the cpu us busy.
12:55 alsroot, yes.
12:55 alsroot, I have only seen it myself with the language section.
12:56 alsroot dfarning: maybe it will make sense
12:56 dfarning ishan, where.
12:56 ishan dfarning, check http://pastebin.com/vHgwu09y
12:57 alsroot ishan: but I'd add busy cursor to ControlPanel class not to budymenu.py
12:57 dfarning alsroot, +1
12:57 alsroot ishan: and also include cursor setting to try..except block within the on funciton
12:57 dfarning ishan, I don't understand the CP well enough to review it.
12:58 alsroot *one
12:59 dfarning alsroot, I think this is a case where developers and tester run much more powerful systems then users:(  So we never see it.
12:59 alsroot ishan: see ControlPanel.show_section_view() method
13:00 manusheel ishan: Did we have a look at the above method ^^
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13:04 ishan alsroot, dfarning : network problems
13:04 alsroot ishan: I'd add busy cursor to ControlPanel class not to budymenu.py
13:04 dfarning ishan, NP
13:04 alsroot ishan: see ControlPanel.show_section_view() method
13:04 ishan: and also include cursor setting to try..except block within the on funciton
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13:05 ishan alsroot, the controlpannel.show_section_view() is present in gui.py right?
13:06 alsroot ishan: yup
13:09 ishan alsroot, shoudnt it be controlpannel._setup_options(self)
13:10 since the above has the press button event defined
13:11 alsroot ishan: you mean one busy cursor to cp itself and another one while opening cp setction -- well dunno, in that case we need to set busyu cursor on every operation in shell :)
13:11 ishan alsroot,  thats not what i meant
13:12 i mean can we add a code to check that if section selected is language then show busy cursor
13:13 alsroot ishan: if I got it right, controlpannel._setup_options will be executed only once whil creating CP itlsef
13:14 ishan alsroot, okay
13:14 alsroot ishan: if you want to add language specific code, better to add it to cp section itelf not to controlpannel
13:16 ishan alsroot, okay
13:17 alsroot, all the cpsection are accessed from gui.py right?
13:17 alsroot ishan: yup
13:18 ishan alsroot, this means i have to add a check and then the busy cursor code right?
13:19 alsroot ishan: if you want to set cursor before opening any cp section, set it in show_section_view
13:20 ishan alsroot, what i want to do is to show busy cursor while the request for opening language section is being processed
13:20 alsroot ishan: if I got dfarning right, would be better to set it before opening any cp section
13:21 ishan alsroot, what you understand by before opening any cp section
13:22 it should show busy cursor even when we move over section icons?
13:22 alsroot ishan: before creating view_class object in show_section_view
13:26 ishan alsroot, you mean to add busy cursor for each section
13:28 alsroot ishan: at least it could make sense
13:28 ishan alsroot, +1
13:34 alsroot, it worked
13:35 but it keeps on showing the busy cursor even after the section opens up
13:37 alsroot ishan: you need to revert it back after view_class object was created
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13:37 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
13:38 ishan alsroot, do we have to use glib to set time as well?
13:39 alsroot ishan: you mean revert cursor after timeout? why just not revert right after self._section_view.show()?
13:39 ishan alsroot, +1
13:41 alsroot, can you direct me to any good source on pygtk which could be helpful in doing this?
13:42 alsroot ishan: dunno about pygtk docs, but I guess in your case you need just set_cursor(None) to reset it back
13:43 ishan alsroot, okat let me try
13:47 manusheel aseem: Hi Aseem.
13:51 ishan alsroot, its not working for set_cursor(None)
13:51 my sugar-emulator is not working
13:53 alsroot ishan: you mean cursor is still busy?
13:54 ishan alsroot, i am not able to run sugar-emulator
13:54 alsroot well, see shell.log
13:57 ishan alsroot, its pointing to the line we added set_cursor(None)
13:58 alsroot ishan: it should log exact error, so you just need to fix it
13:58 ishan alsroot, can you point me to any exmaple of set_cursor() already being used in sugar
13:59 alsroot ishan: clone most of activities from git.sl.o(I do the same, it is a good way to undestart code on examples) and grep within them
14:00 ishan alsroot, okay
14:00 alsroot *git clone
14:00 ishan is away. Back in 30 mins
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14:50 ishan is back
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15:07 neeraj <neeraj!~neeraj@> has joined #dextrose
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15:15 manusheel neeraj: Hi Neeraj.
15:15 Around?
15:16 neeraj manusheel, Hi sir
15:16 manusheel neeraj: How are things coming along on the cpanel issue?
15:18 neeraj: Were we able to face the issues we were facing recently?
15:19 neeraj manusheel, not that good. Got stuck how exactly I will implement that using gtk.Iconview. Let me explain u what I understand from the gui.py code.
15:19 manusheel neeraj: Sure.
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15:20 manusheel_afk <manusheel_afk!~manusheel@sunjammer.sugarlabs.org> has joined #dextrose
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15:21 neeraj In gui.py code, we are first collecting the information about the various items that needs to be displayed in the cpsection and stored it in the options variable.
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15:24 neeraj Now after getting the desired info about the cpsection items, we are passing them into a  sectionicon variable which is nothing but a gtk.eventbox
15:25 now one, by one we get each option from the "options" variable, create a gtk.eventbox out of it and then we pass that even box in a table.
15:26 manusheel ok
15:26 neeraj In the end we display the table according,By taking into account the the max column value, we decide the number of rows.
15:27 mukul_afk <mukul_afk!~mukul@sunjammer.sugarlabs.org> has joined #dextrose
15:28 neeraj Now, the displaying of the icons comes into the sectionicon class.
15:29 Here we use the ICON option which is specifically coded for the sugar icons and the code standards. This module has been defined in sugar/graphics/icons
15:30 manusheel neeraj: Ok.
15:31 neeraj: Glad you were able to understand till this part. Please continue.
15:35 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
15:36 neeraj Now, from what I got from the gtk iconview documention on the pygtk and the example on http://zetcode.com/tutorials/p[…]/advancedwidgets/
15:42 gtk.iconview is nothing but a widget that will display a list of icons. We have to pass the list to iconview widget, which I think can be done.(Though at present I am not sure), but then we will have to modify lots of other things also.
15:43 I mean we have to remove the whole table code because obviously, that part (displaying columns and rows) will be taken care by the gtk itself.
15:45 The main point where I am struck is I am not able to figure out How exactly I will create the list which will contain sufficient information for gtk.iconview to display and also handle various signal handling (clicking, calling of desired class/function)
15:46 I am still trying to figure that out. I have to experiment by modifying the gui.py code only, which many a times crash the sugar due to various coding related error. :(
15:48 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
15:52 manusheel neeraj: Ok.
15:52 neeraj: This is a proper design feature request. Might take extra time.
15:53 neeraj: Did you get a chance to have a word with Aleksey on it?
15:53 neeraj manusheel sir, In the mean time, I am also looking at ticket 2195 (UTC time error)
15:54 manusheel sir, no.
15:54 manusheel neeraj: Please have a word with Aleksey on it. Ticket 2195 seems to have an issue.
15:54 neeraj: Arrive at the following set of pointers -
16:06 neeraj: command TZ=UTC+ 1 date. means you are tell date that the current system time needs to add 1 hour to become UTC time. i.e. you timezone is 1 hour behind UTC
16:06 tell/telling the
16:06 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
16:07 manusheel neeraj:  http://www.bash-linux.com/unix-man-timezone.html
16:07 neeraj: so TZ=UTC+1 date would be 1 hour ahead of TZ=UTC+2 date
16:08 neeraj: The std string specifies the name of the time zone and must be three or
16:08 more alphabetic characters. The offset string immediately follows std
16:08 and specifies the time value to be added to the local time to get Coor-
16:08 dinated Universal Time (UTC).
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16:54 manusheel neeraj: Kindly go through the logs.
16:56 neeraj manusheel sir, ok
17:02 manusheel sir, yes, Thats happening. I checked it. Was it coded to behave the same way? I mean at present it is showing UTC -1 time instead of UTC +1 time.?
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21:30 manusheel neeraj: I don't think that it is an issue ^^
21:30 neeraj: It has been coded that ways.
21:30 neeraj_ : ^^
21:31 neeraj_ manusheel, ok.
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