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#dextrose, 2010-09-19

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00:56 is back (gone 00:00:13)
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14:25 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #dextrose
14:31 ishan alsroot, around?
14:31 alsroot ishan: yup
14:32 ishan alsroot, can you elaborate on the contents of the mail?
14:34 alsroot ishan: in BuddyMenu, menu items are being filled only once (before you add buddy to friends list), thus after that, palette shows "Add friend" despite of the fact that buddy is already a friend
14:35 ishan alsroot, okay but how is it different from friends view then
14:36 is the menu being displayed for botn views same?
14:36 botn/both
14:36 alsroot ishan: there is another BuddyMenu object, and it is being filled after making buddy a friend
14:37 ishan alsroot, okay
14:40 alsroot, are you talking about     def _make_friend_cb(self, menuitem):
14:40        friends.get_model().make_friend(self._buddy)
14:40 present in the buddymenu.py
14:43 alsroot ishan: yup
14:44 ishan alsroot, but there is check for remove friend as well
14:44    def _remove_friend_cb(self, menuitem):
14:44        friends.get_model().remove(self._buddy)
14:46 alsroot ishan: yup, but it does not correspond to issue w/ wrong Add/Remove
14:47 ishan alsroot, i am confused
14:47 alsroot ishan: there is BuddyMenu object created before adding buddy to friends list, after adding, it still contain the same menu entries("Add") and this is a fail
14:47 ishan alsroot, okay
14:47 alsroot *the
14:55 ishan alsroot, so basically we have to add a check in buddymenu.py which checks if the person is friend?
14:56 before the buddymenu is created
14:58 alsroot ishan: but it is already done _add_buddy_items
14:58 ishan alsroot, okay
14:58 alsroot ishan: the problem is that BuddyMenu is already created and friend status is changed after that
14:58 ishan alsroot, got that point
15:00 alsroot, i am confused about why is buddymenu being updated for friend view and not for neighbourhood view
15:00 alsroot ishan: it is not being updated, there is one more BuddyMenu object created in friends view
15:01 ishan alsroot, okay
15:02 alsroot, Any pointer on how to update the list
15:03 alsroot ishan: you can refill menu if friend status was changed
15:21 ishan alsroot, can you tell me any file where this is being done to check
15:23 alsroot ishan: you can override Palette.popup method
15:25 ishan alsroot, can u explain what you mean by palette.popup
15:26 alsroot ishan: you can add this check to overriden Palette.popup method
15:27 ishan alsroot, which check are you refering to?
15:27 alsroot ishan: check before refilling menu
15:27 ..about how refill can be done, see sugar-toolkit/src/sugar/graphics/palette.py:_Menu class
15:28 ishan alsroot, okay
15:29 alsroot ishan: at the and, _Menu is gtk.Menu
15:29 ishan alsroot, got that
15:31 alsroot, so basically a palette.popup method has to be added in _menu class
15:32 alsroot ishan: nope, see sources of Palette class which is parent of BuddyMenu
15:33 ishan alsroot, okay
15:33 alsroot, okay
15:34 alsroot, will get back after dinner
15:34 is away for dinner
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15:48 aseem <aseem!73f27185@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #dextrose
15:53 manusheel aseem: Hi Aseem.
15:53 aseem: Which bug are you working on?
15:56 aseem manusheel:hi sir
15:56 manusheel: working on #2318
15:56 manusheel aseem: Ok.
15:57 aseem manusheel:sir i have already sent u my ssh2 public key
15:59 manusheel Great. Thanks.
15:59 aseem: What all have we gathered on SL#2318?
16:03 ayush <ayush!~ayush@> has joined #dextrose
16:03 aseem manusheel: the volume of free space shown in the volumes toolbar is different from that shown in frame view and favorites view
16:04 so i am tryin to figure out the difference in their codes
16:05 that is the function that generates the free space might not be used in the volumes toolbar
16:07 manusheel aseem: Ok, which code files did you look at?
16:09 aseem volumestoolbar.py
16:09 manusheel Aseem: How can we rectify the issue?
16:11 aseem i think the function should be used in the same manner as in the case of frames view and favorite view
16:11 manusheel aseem: You found volumestoolbar.py in the Journal directory, right?
16:15 aseem tes sir
16:15 yes*
16:16 sir please tell me the path for control panel
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17:51 aseem alsroot: i am currently working on #2318. Please guide me on how to approach.
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17:54 alsroot aseem: where you stuck?
17:59 aseem: you can just code the same for non-removable devices as for removable
18:01 manusheel alsroot: Thank you.
18:01 aseem: Yes, that should be good enough for the fix.
18:01 aseem alsroot:i actually cant find waht exactly the volumes toolbar is showing
18:03 ayush has quit IRC
18:04 alsroot aseem: see VolumesToolbar class, it adds new button for every mount (for external devices)
18:05 aseem alsroot: thanks. i'll check this
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18:12 dfarning hey assem do you have a minute to help me set up an acount for you at sunjammer?
18:13 ishan, ping^^
18:22 ishan dfarning, hi
18:24 dfarning ishan, Can you email me a copy of your public ssh key?
18:24 ishan dfarning, sure
18:32 dfarning, sent
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