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#dextrose, 2010-09-16

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16:41 manusheel alsroot: Hi Aleksey.
16:41 Around?
16:44 alsroot manusheel: hi
16:48 manusheel alsroot: Aleksey, wish to ask you on whether we can keep Sugar 0.90 along with Sugar 0.88 parallelly.
16:49 alsroot manusheel: if you you mean in fs? then not (w/o trick like PTYHON_PATH)
16:50 manusheel: in fact not sure even PYTHON_PATH can help, there are also dbus services and hardcoded(maybe) /usr patch
16:51 manusheel alsroot: Ok. We would like to port some of the patches from 0.90 to 0.88. So, should we remove the existing emulator, and do "yum install sugar-0.90". Then run git log on the master branch.
16:51 alsroot *path
16:51 manusheel alsroot: Ok. Yes, we don't want to change the hard coded stuff.
16:53 alsroot manusheel: I easiest way is just remove 0.90 packages and install 0.88 ones (btw most likely 0.90 package conflict w/ 0.88)
16:57 manusheel alsroot: Ok. In jhbuild, what would be a good way to determine whether the package was meant for 0.90 or 0.88?
16:58 alsroot manusheel: sorry, no ideas
16:59 manusheel alsroot: Absolutely fine. Whom do you think we should touch base with, who can provide us pointers in this area?
17:00 alsroot manusheel: I know that silbe is jhbuild maint, maybe other people on #sugar who use it
17:04 manusheel alsroot: Sure, Aleksey. Thank you for the pointer.
17:04 alsroot np
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