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#dextrose, 2010-09-09

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Time Nick Message
00:27 neeraj has joined #dextrose
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16:55 ishan has joined #dextrose
16:59 manusheel shan: Hi Shan.
17:00 ishan: Hi Ishan.
17:00 shan: The review is "Why the change in the license string? Does going to 0.0 really result in a 50% reduction in the hover delay?"
17:00 ishan manusheel, hi sir
17:00 manusheel ishan: Let us discuss the bug recommendations.
17:01 shan: Have a look at http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1169
17:01 ishan manusheel, sir sure let me first go through the mail
17:01 manusheel ishan: sure
17:03 ishan manusheel, sir can you please forward the mail
17:04 manusheel ishan: Which one?
17:05 ishan manusheel, sir reply send to my mail
17:05 manusheel ishan: The comments and suggestions are at http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/305
17:05 ishan manusheel, oops sorry i forgot
17:07 manusheel, read sir
17:08 manusheel ishan: Ok, what did you gather?
17:10 ishan manusheel, i learned that instead of making the changes instead of sugar-100.gtkrc we have to make changes in gtkrc.em
17:10 manusheel ishan: Do you know where to locate the file?
17:11 ishan manusheel, sir will have to search for it
17:11 manusheel ishan: Ok, please do.
17:12 neeraj_ has quit IRC
17:15 ishan manusheel, found the file in the same folder as sugar-100.gtkrc was located
17:15 manusheel ishan: Great.
17:16 ishan: Now, you can complete the patch?
17:17 ishan manusheel, sir i am not able to understand how changes have to be implemented in gtkrc.em file
17:17 manusheel ishan: Ok.
17:18 ishan: tell me the path of the file.
17:19 ishan manusheel, ~/sugar-jhbuild/source/sugar-artwork/gtk/theme$
17:21 manusheel ishan: Checking it
17:21 ishan manusheel, sure
17:24 manusheel ishan: Right.
17:24 Checked it.
17:24 ishan: What is the change you are making?
17:25 ishan manusheel, sir i am changing a line 565 in sugar-100.gtkrc
17:26 manusheel ishan: sure
17:32 ishan manusheel, sir how changes have to be implemented in the above file??
17:32 manusheel ishan: which file?
17:32 ishan gtkrc.em/sugar-100.gtkrc
17:34 manusheel ishan: what are the changes?
17:34 ishan: can you use pastebin.com for the same?
17:34 ishan manusheel, sir i told u above line 565 in sugar-100.gtkrc
17:34 okay
17:35 http://pastebin.com/bFAJjJR9
17:36 manusheel ishan: there is no }
17:36 here
17:36 ishan manusheel, sir which file are you refering to?
17:37 anurag has joined #dextrose
17:37 manusheel ishan: It has to be inserted in gtkrc.em file
17:37 between
17:38 anurag manusheel: hello sir
17:38 manusheel anurag: Hi Anurag
17:38 ishan: Between style "checkbutton" {     base[NORMAL]      = "#FFFFFF"     base[PRELIGHT]    = "#FFFFFF"     base[ACTIVE]      = "#000000"       text[PRELIGHT]    = "#282828"     text[NORMAL]      = "#282828"     text[ACTIVE]      = "#282828"
17:38 ishan: Sorry
17:38 ishan: Retyping it again
17:38 ishan sure sir
17:40 manusheel ishan: This file has to be inserted in gtkrc.em function between style "checkmenuitem" and
17:41 there
17:41 style "imagemenuitem"
17:41 ishan: Put an }
17:43 ishan manusheel, http://pastebin.com/RcQKWwKq
17:43 file is already present there
17:43 ishan is confused
17:44 manusheel ishan: let me call you.
17:50 ishan manusheel, http://pastebin.com/f6YDeDYA
17:53 manusheel, text_field_grey = '"#E5E5E5"'
17:53 found it
17:53 manusheel ishan: Ok
17:53 ishan changes have to be made here as well
17:53 manusheel ishan: Will you be able to do it now?
17:53 ishan yes sir
17:53 after making changes i have to run  sugar-jhbuild again
17:54 in reproduce the new files
17:54 manusheel ishan: Good. Do follow the directions of one-line summary and description. Yes.
17:54 ishan okay
17:54 manusheel ishan: I have send you the entire documentation on that.
17:54 ishan manusheel, sure sir
17:54 manusheel ishan: Let me know if you have any issues.
17:59 ishan manusheel, http://pastebin.com/TUuW7gdM
18:09 manusheel, sir build complete
18:10 now have to follow the procedure to create patch
18:13 manusheel ishan: yes
18:34 ishan manusheel, http://pastebin.com/XuFKZHUu
18:34 patch made
18:34 manusheel ishan: good
18:34 and send to
18:34 ishan: send it to sugar-devel
18:37 ishan manusheel, mail send
18:38 ishan has quit IRC
18:41 ('*** bernie_afk is now known as bernie', 'bernie_afk', 'bernie')
19:08 anurag bernie: i was working on the bug #2151 and i change the file /home/anurag/sugar-jhbuild/install/lib/pytho​n2.6/site-packages/jarabe/view/buddymenu.py                 to     http://pastebin.com/PH4fETmW      but it didnt work althoubh it seems ok to me. Can you suggest any tips?
19:16 ('*** bernie is now known as bernie_afk', 'bernie', 'bernie_afk')
19:17 ('*** bernie_afk is now known as bernie', 'bernie_afk', 'bernie')
19:21 bernie anurag: I recommend not working on live sources on the XO... it's harder and there's no version control
19:22 anurag: you'd save time if you used sugar-jhbuild
19:22 anurag: also, this would let you generate diffs easily (git diff) so I could see what was changed in the file
19:23 anurag: you guys already used jhbuild, yes?
19:24 anurag yes i did try it on sugar jh-build first but due to some reasons the cursor files on my jh-build were that of normal gnome files and no the XO special cursors   and i talked to Silbe too relating this anomaly in my Jh-build and of any known fix but there also i count get through it
19:25 if you may note  the file that i edited(provided the path above)  is from jh-build only
19:28 manusheel bernie: ^^
19:28 bernie: How have you been?
19:30 sumit has quit IRC
19:30 manusheel anurag, bernie: Around?
19:30 anurag manusheel: yes
19:32 manusheel anurag, can you discuss this with alsroot at #sugar-newbies? After that, I'll ask Vijit to look into it.
19:32 anurag sure
19:32 ('*** bernie is now known as bernie_afk', 'bernie', 'bernie_afk')
19:33 ('*** bernie_afk is now known as bernie', 'bernie_afk', 'bernie')
19:35 bernie anurag: yeah, I have seen this problem with cursor themes too. still, setting the busy cursor should work the same way
19:36 anurag bernie: true, but still i am not getting the reason behind the failure of this fix.
19:54 ('*** bernie is now known as bernie_afk', 'bernie', 'bernie_afk')
19:55 ('*** bernie_afk is now known as bernie', 'bernie_afk', 'bernie')
20:04 bernie anurag: I could not spot the fix in the entire file... can you send me a diff relative to the original code?
20:04 anurag: or point me at the line(s)?
20:05 anurag bernie : here is the link to the patch file i made  http://pastebin.com/Qv25hQUL
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