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#dextrose, 2010-09-08

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14:49 manusheel ishan: Hi Ishan.
14:49 Around?
14:49 ishan manusheel, hi sir
14:49 manusheel ishan: Any help required? Kindly let me know.
14:49 ishan manusheel, sure
15:09 dfarning, alsroot: hi
15:09 alsroot ishan: hi
15:09 ishan alsroot, check http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/305
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15:10 sumit alsroot: Hi Aleksey. Good morning.
15:10 alsroot ishan: what are your plans about this bug?
15:10 sumit: hi
15:12 ishan alsroot, basically i have changed the background colour when the box is checked
15:12 check http://pastebin.com/B0idFqMq
15:14 alsroot ishan: in fact, these kind of questions better to discuss w/ designers not coders :), you can ask their opinion posting email to sugar-devel@ with tag [DESIGN]
15:15 ishan alsroot, okay
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15:44 sumit alsroot: Aleksey, one question.
15:45 alsroot: How can we version the patches after we have revised them?
15:45 alsroot sumit: not ask to ask, just ask (C) :)
15:45 sumit alsroot: Thank you :-)
15:46 alsroot: When patches are submitted with revisions, how can we introduce something like Patch v2, Patch v3 etc.?
15:47 alsroot sumit: well, thats the question for me too :), current patching workflow is not yet settled down
15:48 sumit alsroot: Ok. Sure.
15:50 alsroot sumit: you can ask it on #sugar
15:50 sumit alsroot: Sure. Will do. Thank you.
15:50 alsroot np
16:17 dfarning sumit, how are you doing?
16:17 ishan, how are you doing?
16:17 ishan dfarning, fine
16:18 dfarning ishan, how are you coming on your patch?
16:18 ishan dfarning, very well
16:19 dfarning ishan, I see alsroot pointed you to the design team.
16:19 ishan dfarning, yes
16:20 dfarning ishan, I am often hesitant about refering things to the design team.... have you heard of the idea of bike shedding?
16:21 ishan dfarning, no
16:22 dfarning ishan, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P[…]Law_of_Triviality
16:27 ishan, it is very common for design discussions to fall into trail off into endless conversation -- Referred to as bikeshedding.
16:27 ishan dfarning, got it
16:29 dfarning ishan, this is one of those time where it is better to present a fix and let people discus if it is better than the current implementation.... not create an open ended discussion.
16:30 ishan dfarning, point noted
16:31 dfarning, was working on creating a patch to fix this bug
16:32 dfarning ishan,  +1. just wanted to let you know your were all ready on the right track.
16:32 ishan dfarning, thanks for the help
16:52 dfarning ishan, nice I think [PATCH] Display changed to 'Sugar in a window' instead of 'Xephyr on' Ticket #2285 will be accepted this iteration:)
16:52 ishan, and the next one with take half as long!
16:53 ishan dfarning, definately
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17:50 manusheel anurag: Hi Anurag
17:51 anurag manusheel: yes sir
17:51 manusheel anurag: Did you get my e-mail with James Cameron's review?
17:51 anurag: As discussed in the meeting, please go through it. And, test the patch again.
17:52 anurag manusheel: presently i am on that mail only
17:52 manusheel anurag: Great
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18:05 manusheel anurag: Did you get a hold of the issue?
18:08 anurag manusheel: yes, i tthink changing the icon at the window level was not powerful enough command for the excecution , so i guess i would require  to excecute that at some higer level of operation
18:09 manusheel anurag: Are you aware on how we can do it?
18:11 anurag manusheel: what i get is that in the line (self.window.------)   i need to change it from window to something that stands at apex of the procedure control hierarchy
18:11 manusheel anurag: What is your recommendation on that "something"?
18:13 anurag manusheel: that is what i need to discuss upon with the community
18:13 manusheel anurag: Sure, that would be great.
18:14 dfarning anurag, it works best to think about stuff in gtk as objects in containers.  ie you want to think about which container you want to change to effect the stuff in the container.
18:15 anurag alsroot, dfarning : in the code line            self.window.set_cursor( gtk.gdk.Cursor(gtk.gdk.WATCH) )      what do you think can be the container or the superset for execution control?
18:18 alsroot anurag: some kind of puzzle game? :)
18:18 anurag: every widget has window property
18:18 anurag alsroot: no its actually supposed fix for bug #2151
18:21 alsroot anurag: you can call set_cursor for entirely gtk.Window
18:22 anurag: you can call it for any widget that is already mapped (i.e. window property is not nil)
18:22 anurag alsroot: Ok you mean to change the code from (self.window---)  to   (gtk.window----)    .    I have never used GTK before
18:26 alsroot anurag: nope, just changing to "gtk.window" will mean you will try to call set_cursor for class not for object. Just call window.set_cursor() for any widget you want it to have new cursor
18:27 ..in context of #2151, entirely gtk.Widow sounds more appropriate, ie <gtk-window-object>.window.set_cursor()
18:27 anurag alsroot: ok, i will try that
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