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#dextrose, 2010-09-06

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
02:11 manusheel has quit IRC
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06:44 alsroot has joined #dextrose
11:04 manusheel has joined #dextrose
11:16 sumit has joined #dextrose
12:16 bertf has left #dextrose
14:14 ishan has joined #dextrose
14:21 dfarning ishan, how are you coming?
14:22 ishan dfarning, hi
14:22 dfarning ishan, hey
14:22 ishan dfarning, i am still working on learning pygtk
14:25 dfarning ishan, it is a bit old.... but http://www.pygtk.org/pygtk2tutorial/index.html is a very good tutorial to work through to get an overview of the main concepts.
14:25 ishan dfarning, thanks
14:27 dfarning, i have identified the part of code to be edited, just looking how it has to be done
14:27 dfarning ishan, great
14:34 ishan dfarning, check http://pastebin.com/0wxLhZ1u
14:35 am i looking at the right part of code?
14:35 dfarning ishan, I thinks so:)
14:36 ishan dfarning, so basically we want to change the base[ACTIVE]      = "#E5E5E5"??
14:36 the background colour when we check out the butoon right??
14:36 butoon/button
14:38 dfarning ishan, I think so that look like it makes the box grey when active.
14:39 ishan dfarning, +1
14:46 dfarning, is black colour fine?
14:50 dfarning ishan, yes.
15:06 ishan dfarning, i am not able to find the same file in the sugar folder downloaded from source dget -xu https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+[…]88.1-2ubuntu1.dsc
15:10 dfarning, the file sugar-100.gtkrc present in jhbuild and sugar are different
15:12 dfarning ishan, don't worry about it in ubuntu
15:21 ankur__ has joined #dextrose
16:20 ishan has quit IRC
16:33 ankur__ has quit IRC
17:02 anurag has joined #dextrose
17:12 ayush has joined #dextrose
18:37 manusheel ayush: Hi Ayush.
18:37 Around?
18:39 anurag has quit IRC
19:41 ayush has quit IRC
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