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#dextrose, 2010-09-05

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Time Nick Message
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13:56 dfarning manusheel, the like for sha is http://people.sugarlabs.org/be[…]us-for-good.patch
14:07 manusheel dfarning: Thank you.
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15:36 manusheel alsroot: Around?
15:36 alsroot manusheel: yup
15:37 manusheel alsroot: Thanks for the pointers. Will follow the pointers that you had provided.
15:37 anurag alsroot: Hi
15:37 alsroot anurag: hi
15:38 anurag alsroot: ./sugar-jhbuild update seem to have been giving issues at my end. Any pointers on how I could get it solved?
15:38 alsroot anurag: sorry, I'm not using jhbuild, ask silbe on #sugar he is only right now and is sugar-jhbuild maint
15:39 s/only/online/
15:40 anurag alsroot: Thank you. Will do.
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15:52 dfarning anurag, what is your jhbuild question?
15:53 neeraj has joined #dextrose
15:53 manusheel dfarning: Anurag is not around now. It seems he has permission problems in jhbuild about what we discussed yesterday.
15:53 dfarning: He'll be able to solve it soon.
15:54 dfarning manusheel, have him ping me please. we can work it out.
15:54 manusheel dfarning: Sure. As soon as he is around, I'll ask him to ping you. Will give him a call too.
15:58 manusheel is going for dinner
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17:07 shan__ has joined #dextrose
17:09 manusheel shan__: Hi Shan.
17:09 Did you look at the patch send by David?
17:09 shan__ manusheel :having a look at it now.
17:10 manusheel shan__: Great.
17:13 shan___ has joined #dextrose
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17:19 shan___ manusheel: we are free to make changes to either the emulator or the sugar-jhbuild , right?
17:19 manusheel shan__: Yes.
17:24 shan___ understood sir, so all it actually takes is getting to the right file(which would come definately by practice, as in what file contains what details and stuff) and the know-how of what each function of the code is doing/implementing..?...and then change what ever is required to get the desired effect....
17:24 manusheel shan___: Yes, Shan. More important, moving forward is subject matter expertise.
17:25 shan___ yes yes...
17:26 manusheel shan___: Can you tell me the name of the bug number?
17:27 shan___ name?...bug no. is 1169
17:27 Drop down menus give no indication of their existence, also are too slow to load...is the heading
17:30 manusheel:what exactly are u looking for?..
17:31 manusheel shan__: Did you look at the patch?
17:33 shan___ yes sir
17:33 manusheel shan__: Did it help/
17:34 ?
17:35 shan___ frankly sir, it'll take a a lot more time to go thru all of the code , and get to all functions and all...am still looking at the codes...
17:37 manusheel shan__: Ok.
17:41 dfarning shan___, did you figure out the patch i sent
17:41 manusheel shan__: Around?
17:44 shan has joined #dextrose
17:44 shan dfarning: sorry, net problem...
17:46 shan___ has quit IRC
17:46 dfarning shan, np.  did you figure out the patch I sent?
17:47 shan dfarning: yes i had a look at it, i have a few things to ask first though..
17:48 dfarning shar sure.
17:48 shan these changes hve been made in the jhbuild?...could we not have just changed some part of the code in the emulator ?...i mean how different are the two?...
17:50 dfarning shan,  the patch I sent you came from some work done for a release of sugar called dextros.  It is being done in paraguay... but not all of the patches have been sent upstream yet.
17:51 shan, they just noticed the same bug we did.
17:52 shan okay...
17:53 dfarning shan, WRT jhbuild.  sugar-jhbuild is the most recent source that the upstream developers use.  so any changes we make should be patches to the source in jhbuild.
17:54 shan, when you run './sugar-jhbuild run sugar-emulator' you are running the lastest version of the code.
17:54 shan okay....got it.....all there is to be done is open the correct file and changing the correct thing...understood...
17:55 dfarning shan, on the other hand, when you run the sugar-emulater from the menu you are running the verson of the code which we have packaged for debian and ubuntu.
17:56 shan, the packaged stuff is usually about 6-12 months behind the jhbuild stuff:(
17:58 shan okay, so what this meeans is, we can actually remove the bug from either the jhbuild or the emulator, bt we prefer to do it fro the jhbuild, coz its the most recent version...
17:58 ?...right?
17:58 manusheel shan: Right.
17:58 shan no wonder, i was mighty confused with this...was looking up in emulator files throughout...
17:59 manusheel shan: Shan, emulator files are helpful in understanding the things too at times.
17:59 shan: Glad you have an idea on it.
18:00 ishan has quit IRC
18:00 dfarning shan, jhbuild includes an emulator.... so it is more correct to think about the jhbuild code vs the installed code.
18:01 shan okay
18:01 dfarning shan, confusing:)
18:02 shan it actually is...bt the mist is now clearing...:)
18:04 dfarning shan, so what I would do is a) cd into sugar-jhbuild/source/sugar b) create a a working git branch c) apply the patch to make sure it works d) then create your own patch and send it to the sugar-devel mailing list.
18:06 shan git branch?....
18:06 dfarning shan, I think kandarpk followed the same process yesterday so he could talk you thorough it... or else i can
18:06 shan, are you familar with git?
18:07 shan a little bit, we actually add files here which we need to modify, and then make the patch here....its actually a management system...to link up all versions of codes...
18:09 dfarning shan, yes technically it is called a distributed version control system:)  but yes in help manage versions of code.
18:09 shan yes yes....
18:10 so the technically making of a patch and everything comes into 'git branch' ?
18:10 dfarning shan, a good understanding of git is going to be critical.  It is a little hard to learn.... but it is amazing one you understand it.
18:12 shan, I recommend taking a couple of hours going though http://gitref.org/ to get a working knowldege of git.  then ping me back... the 4 step I mentioned above will then make a lot more sense.
18:28 shan has quit IRC
18:31 shan has joined #dextrose
18:38 shan dfarning: yes yes i'll have a look at these.
18:38 dfarning shan, ok I am off the luch will be back in an hour or so.
19:08 shan has quit IRC
19:51 anurag dfarning: around?
19:52 dfarning: I am facing issues on updating sugar-jhbuild (running ./sugar-jhbuild update). Evaluating where I am facing problem.
19:52 dfarning: Sugar-jhbuild was running fine on my machine earlier.
19:53 anurag has quit IRC
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