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#dextrose, 2010-09-04

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12:31 bertf has joined #dextrose
12:32 bertf hi guys. would you consider increasing the space for /var/cache/yum ?
12:33 the etoys beta rpm includes all locales and needs 52 MB. there are only 32 MB free after loading all the Fedora meta data
12:34 manusheel bertf: Hi Bert. Interesting. We'll discuss this today in the meeting.
12:34 bertf manusheel: great. for reference: http://lists.squeakland.org/pi[…]ember/005572.html
12:38 manusheel bertf: Thank you.
12:38 Can you also post about it at dextrose mailing list, if possible?
12:45 bertf manusheel: I'm not subscribed - would be nice if you did that
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15:37 ishan has joined #dextrose
15:42 anurag_ alsroot: can you please breif me a bit on bug #484
15:45 dfarning anurag_, I suggest skipping tht one for now it involves a design discussion which you don't want to deal with yet:(
15:46 anurag_, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2151 is a good bug.
15:47 anurag_ dfarning : SURE  and  Thanks for the pointer,  I am also looking at bug # 415 I would be glad if you could provide me with some details related to that bug.
15:49 dfarning anurag_, skip SL#415 it involves the journal.
15:49 anurag_, get your feet wet with SL#2151
15:50 anurag_ dfarning: OK sure. Will i need any use of GTK to work out 2151?
15:51 dfarning anurag_, If so it is just cut and paste.
15:51 anurag_, do you understand what #2151 is look for?
15:52 anurag_ dfarning: yes. I think we need a visual confirmation of the start of the shutdown process as soon as we give the command (i.e. click on shutdown)
15:53 dfarning anurag_, +1
15:54 anurag_ dfarning: :)
15:55 ('*** anurag_ is now known as anurag', 'anurag_', 'anurag')
15:57 dfarning anurag, I would start by a) looking for the code the controls the cursor, b) look for an example in the code which calls the busy cursor, c) find the shutdown code d) figureout how to apply what you learned in b to c
15:58 anurag dfarning: nice pointer.
15:59 dfarning anurag, it is mostly grepping and learning the code.  All of the pieces all ready exist.
15:59 anurag, I think....
15:59 anurag dfarning:sure
16:24 ('*** anurag is now known as anurag_afk', 'anurag', 'anurag_afk')
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16:47 shan__ has joined #dextrose
16:57 manusheel shan__: Let me know once you have studied both the bugs.
16:57 We'll discuss them.
16:57 shan__ yes sir.....
16:59 dfarning shan__, what bugs are you working on?
16:59 shan__ dfarning: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1169
16:59 and http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2060
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17:01 shan__ has joined #dextrose
17:01 manusheel shan__: Around?
17:01 shan__ yes
17:02 manusheel shan__: Great. Have you completed going through the bugs?
17:02 shan__: Can we start the discussion?
17:03 shan__ going thru them....will let u knw...gimme a couple of minutes..
17:03 manusheel shan__: Sure.
17:08 shan__ manusheel: yes sir...i am thru with #1169
17:09 dfarning shan__, how about focusing on #1169
17:09 manusheel shan__: Tell me, what all did you gather from it?
17:11 shan__ sir, we need to shorten the delay time for the menu to pop up, so that its less cumbersome and more direct for a user esp. a first timer.......
17:12 plus there also a mention of either making it simple enough by making left click on menus display the pallete
17:13 or doing the first option
17:15 thts it i guess.....
17:17 manusheel shan__: Neat.
17:17 shan__: Do you know where to start on for this bug?
17:17 shan__; The UI components are generally at jarabe/Desktop.
17:17 shan__ i am looking in for the python file in desktop folder in jarabe
17:17 yes yes...
17:18 dfarning shan__, manusheel for a little back ground on this bug.  It is a rather sensatative issue such that people have a near religious beliefs.
17:19 shan__ dfarning: please elaborate
17:19 manusheel dfarning: Interesting.
17:19 shan__: That is why this bug has been marked critical :-)
17:20 shan__: Important issue indeed.
17:20 dfarning when sugar was design some people had very strong beliefs that there should only be a single mouse button
17:21 there were aslo very strong beliefs for a very minimum visual approach.
17:22 anurag has joined #dextrose
17:22 dfarning shan__, manusheel but the functionality of the palatte is very useful... so they were add with a time delay.
17:23 though use we see that kids are very good at right clicking... and that the current delay is too long.
17:24 shan__ dfarning: y add a time delay in the first place?  won't it be better if the menu pops up instantaneously when hovering over a certain region
17:24 ishan has quit IRC
17:25 dfarning so you should be fine decreasing the delays by about %50.  Another thought is to add a delay constant which can be set in the control panel.
17:26 shan__, that is why I suggest a variable the user can set.
17:30 shan__ dfarning: won't it be best if there is no time delay at all...?....won't that be like ideal?
17:31 manusheel shan__: Some delay is good. No delay would disrupt things.
17:34 dfarning manusheel, +1.
17:35 shan__, something that we have to get used to is that we leave the UX (user experience) stuff to the gui designers....
17:37 shan__ okay....i think we could then decrease the delays by 50% and c the outcome
17:39 dfarning shan__, +1
17:41 shan__ has quit IRC
17:48 shan has joined #dextrose
17:48 shan dfarning,manusheel :sorry for the delay, net problem
17:49 manusheel shan: No worries.
17:49 dfarning shan, NP do you think you can get started on this?
17:50 shan yes, i am looking inside jarabe/desktop
17:50 dfarning shan, +1
17:51 shan bt the thing which confuses me is. How does one come to know which file to open? or do we need to go thru all files?
17:52 i mean some of them are obviously not required to be opened as it is obvious, bt the rest need to be given a look right?
17:52 manusheel shan: The approach is to follow what file you need to look at.
17:52 shan: Yes, since this is your first bug, you'll need to do that.
17:53 dfarning shan, the most useful tool at your disposal is grep.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grep
17:54 shan, I think the menus you are looking for are called 'pallets' so go to source.sugar and grep -r 'pallets' *
17:55 shan, that will get you close.
17:55 shan okay i wil give it a look, will go thru grep first.
17:55 manusheel shan: You already know grep. Try to use it in this context.
17:56 shan ohkay, got it....will use it now
18:19 ishan has joined #dextrose
18:21 dfarning shan, sorry I meant source/sugar it is in the sugar-jhbuild dir.
18:22 shan, jarabe is below that I think and will get picked up by the '-r' flag
18:23 manusheel dfarning: Thanks for the pointer.
18:24 shan thanks, looking into it..
18:25 dfarning shan, btw do you have sugar-jhbuild installed?
18:25 shan yes
18:25 dfarning shan, +1
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