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#aslo-dev, 2010-09-09

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Time Nick Message
01:53 manusheel has quit IRC
12:24 manusheel has joined #aslo-dev
14:44 abhinav has joined #aslo-dev
14:45 abhinav alsroot: Hi Aleksey.
14:45 alsroot: Around?
14:46 alsroot abhinav: hi
14:47 abhinav alsroot: How are you today?
14:47 alsroot abhinav: fine, thanks
14:48 abhinav alsroot: Great. Can I send a friendly reminder to Josh Williams? Didn't hear from him, yet.
14:48 alsroot abhinav: he might be busy, but I guess he will answer any way
14:49 abhinav: also, as I said he may not have any docs about design stuff, (it wasn't his work from scratch, he just tweaked AMO stuff)
14:49 abhinav alsroot: Ok, sure. In the meantime, I'll do git diff and log to see the changes.
14:50 alsroot: Sure.
14:50 alsroot: Any other pointers you would like to share while hacking the design part?
14:52 alsroot abhinav: nothing special, all design customized stuff is located in several commits in master-theme that are above master HEAD
14:53 abhinav alsroot: Thank you.
14:54 alsroot np
17:52 dfarning abhinav, zamboni is _still_ kicking my ass:(  going for a bike ride......
17:56 abhinav dfarning: Zamboni can be challenging.
18:46 abhinav has quit IRC
19:28 dfarning manusheel,    http://aslo1.rit.edu/en-US/fir[…]/?browse=featured
19:28 manusheel dfarning: Great.
19:29 dfarning: Awesome. What were the issues with Zamboni on RIT?
19:30 dfarning manusheel, it just had to be configured correctly.
19:31 manusheel dfarning: Ok. Did we follow any documentation? You did tell me that RIT had a different configuration than what Zamboni team documented.
19:32 dfarning manusheel,  going for a walk then I will set up aslo2 and create a setup recipe.
19:32 manusheel dfarning: Sure. Great work.

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