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#aslo-dev, 2010-09-07

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Time Nick Message
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09:27 dfarning has joined #aslo-dev
12:32 manusheel has joined #aslo-dev
12:34 abhinav has joined #aslo-dev
13:27 dfarning abhinav, good morning
13:27 abhinav dfarning: Good morning
13:27 dfarning: Did our request to aslo1.rit.edu get validated?
13:29 dfarning abhinav, I'll follow up in a couple of hours it is 9:30 am on the east cost where RIT
13:31 abhinav dfarning: Sure
13:32 dfarning: We were unable to push Zamboni to gitorious due to network issues. Were you able to push it to gitorious at your end?
13:34 dfarning abhinav, doing it now
13:34 abhinav dfarning: Sure
13:51 dfarning abhinav,   done please change zamboni/.git/config to
13:51 [core]
13:51 repositoryformatversion = 0
13:51 filemode = true
13:51 bare = false
13:51 logallrefupdates = true
13:51 [branch "master"]
13:51 remote = origin
13:51 merge = refs/heads/master
13:51 [remote "origin"]
13:51 url = gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:aslo-dev/mainline.git
13:51 fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
13:59 abhinav dfarning: Thank you. I'll ask Anubhav, Jatin and Manusheel Sir to change this in their .git/config folder too.
14:00 dfarning abhinav, thanks how is the look and feel coming?
14:05 abhinav abhinav: We have studied the css files in detail. Although, ASLO is a derivative of AMO, but, the look and feel of ASLO is very different than AMO. We have identified the icons that have been changed. I'll be sending a set of questions to Josh Williams on it.
14:06 dfarning: Have you worked with Josh Williams?
14:06 dfarning: ^^
14:07 dfarning abhinav, a little bit, he is a friend of dogi.  A pretty amazing artist.... not big on documentation.
14:10 abhinav dfarning: What we need to sort out is the layout of the design of ASLO. We design professional websites. And, the clients always provide us the length and parameters of the grids, widgets, spacing. Here, we'll ask Josh to provide us that spec. He can use Adobe photoshop, indesign to send us the image files. If he doesn't have time, we'll have to arrive at the layout through conversations.
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20:08 abhinav has joined #aslo-dev
20:08 abhinav alsroot: Around?
20:09 alsroot abhinav: yup
20:09 abhinav alsroot: If we have made changes to a number of files, can we use $git add -u instead of $git add (filename)
20:09 ?
20:10 alsroot: Any assumptions we need to take care off?
20:10 alsroot abhinav: `git add -u` just add files that are alsready tracked by git, w/ `git <file>` you can add any files
20:12 abhinav alsroot: Thank you. So, the format is $ git add (filename1, filename2, filename3)?
20:12 In the correct directory.
20:12 alsroot abhinav: any regular file/mask that is valid from current directory
20:21 abhinav alsroot: Thank you for the pointer.
20:22 alsroot yw
21:02 abhinav has quit IRC

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