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#aslo-dev, 2010-09-06

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Time Nick Message
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06:44 sugaroid sets mode: +o alsroot
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11:18 abhinav has joined #aslo-dev
12:19 abhinav alsroot: Hi.
12:20 alsroot: Thank you for pointing to Josh. We'll be writing to him.
12:20 alsroot: Hoping to see some css and basic design values documented by Josh :-)
12:21 alsroot: Appreciate your help very much.
12:23 alsroot abhinav: btw, Josh only adapted AMO css to sugar, so he didn't work from scratch and might not have documented values :)
12:25 abhinav alsroot: Thank you. We can work on it. But, this will take in some more time of figuring out what he did.
12:26 manusheel: Manusheel Sir, we are UI web developers. We try to arrive at the design layout first before designing. So, we'll work on that.
12:27 manusheel: Sir, the look and feel of ASLO has to be kept consistent. Right?
12:27 manusheel abhinav: +1
12:41 abhinav dfarning: ping.
12:45 dfarning abhinav, yes
13:17 abhinav, are you around?
13:40 abhinav abhinav: I just came back.
13:42 dfarning: Yes, I am back. I have one question for you. Did the server issue of aslo1.rit.edu get resolved? I would like to inform Anubhav about it.
13:43 dfarning abhinav, not yet -- today is labor day a federal holiday to access to the serves is limited.
13:46 abhinav dfarning: Ok. Thank you for informing me.
22:34 dfarning has quit IRC
22:40 dfarning has joined #aslo-dev
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