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#aslo-dev, 2010-09-05

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13:17 dfarning manusheel, jlew is looking at the aslo vms
13:43 manusheel dfarning: Ok. I am with the ASLO team installing Zamboni at my local machine.
13:44 dfarning: Pretty interesting install if you are using Fedora
13:44 dfarning: I am doing that on Fedora
13:45 dfarning manusheel,  ouch I had the same trouble last time remora ran on centos am I had to modify everything for ubutnu....
13:46 manusheel dfarning: Yes. Let me see how it works. On the last 2 steps.
13:47 dfarning manusheel, is shan around?  I found a good patch for him.
13:55 manusheel dfarning: Shan will be back soon. Can you send me the link. I'll forward it to him.
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19:54 abhinav alsroot: Hi
19:54 alsroot: around?
19:55 alsroot abhinav: yup
19:56 abhinav alsroot: I was working on the css files of ASLO. What we have for Mozilla add-ons and what we have for ASLO are very different from each other.
19:57 alsroot: Can you tell me from where I could download the Mozilla add-ons source. I do know the source of ASLO in Remora.
19:57 alsroot: Would like to gather a list of changes that were made to give the look and feel of the current ASLO on Remora.
19:58 alsroot abhinav: see "upstream" branch of slo-activities on git.sl.o
19:58 abhinav alsroot: Can you tell me the link?
19:58 alsroot abhinav:
19:58 http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/slo-activities
19:59 manusheel alsroot: Can you add me as the committer too?
19:59 alsroot: My username is manusheel
19:59 alsroot abhinav: about css and theming for ASLO, Josh Williams did this work, better to contact w/ him about new ASLO theming, he is professional designer
20:00 manusheel: done
20:00 abhinav: his contacts in pm
20:01 abhinav alsroot: Thank you very much.
20:01 alsroot: So, he did the designing of the current ASLO?
20:01 alsroot abhinav: yup
20:01 abhinav: I mean css/images stuff
20:02 abhinav alsroot: Has he maintained a list of changes that he made while changing the look and feel of the Mozilla Addons css to ASLO css?
20:03 alsroot: Without this, working with the css can be done but will take good time as expected.
20:03 alsroot abhinav: see `git diff` between master and master-theme, or v4 and v4-theme
20:03 manusheel alsroot: Who managed the design of css and images with Josh Williams from SL?
20:04 alsroot manusheel: all design was made by josh
20:04 abhinav alsroot: Which folder should I look at?
20:05 alsroot abhinav: just checkout v4-theme and call `git diff v4`
20:05 manusheel abhinav: Kindly clone the repository from git.sl.org.
20:06 abhinav alsroot: Will git checkout work here?
20:06 alsroot: What is the difference between v4-theme and v4?
20:06 alsroot: And, master theme and master?
20:07 abhinav: v4 is version 4, right?
20:08 alsroot abhinav: it maybe only code (but maybe they are the same)
20:08 abhinav: and yup, v4 is version 4
20:09 abhinav alsroot: Then, how will we come to know the list of differences? Do we have a documentation on the list of changes uploaded somewhere?
20:09 alsroot: Great, v4 is version 4.
20:09 alsroot abhinav: but we have git for that reason, see `git log` and `git diff`
20:10 manusheel alsroot, abhinav: I think contacting Josh will help.
20:10 alsroot abhinav: in fact, all *theme brnaches just contain only theme related commits above their code branches
20:11 abhinav: so, `git log v4` from v4-theme will show log of theme related commits
20:12 abhinav alsroot: That would help a bit. Using git diff will tell me the changes. But, haven't we define them in one single document somewhere. The sizes, colors, background, grid sizes, widget sizes etc.
20:13 manusheel: Manusheel Sir, we are web designers and developers, and need this information beforehand.
20:14 manusheel: Manusheel Sir, can you get this documented first? What all changes have been made etc.?
20:14 alsroot abhinav: well, you'd better to contact w/ Josh then, I didn't touch this side of AMO
20:15 abhinav alsroot: We'll surely contact Josh.
20:15 manusheel alsroot: Who was coordinating with Josh from Sugar Labs?
20:16 alsroot: That coordinator will have the documentation of all these things, I feel.
20:16 alsroot manusheel: regarding ASLO, afaik, only me and josh
20:16 manusheel alsroot: Ok, sure.
20:17 alsroot: We'll coordinate with Josh on this.
20:17 alsroot manusheel: this(design) work was done entirely by josh
20:17 manusheel alsroot: Ok.
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