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#aslo-dev, 2010-09-04

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12:46 sugaroid changes topic to "Sugar Activity Library development, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activity_Library (alsroot)"
12:55 abhinav has joined #aslo-dev
12:56 abhinav hi all.
12:56 manusheel Hi Abhinav.
12:58 dfarning good morning abhinav lets use this channel for also- work because it is logged.
12:58 abhinav, can you give me a quick review where things stand on also?
12:58 abhinav dfarning : As you know, we have set up zambonion the server as well as the our local machines.
12:59 Our tem members have gone through the structure of zamboni.
13:00 dfarning abhinav, can I reach zamboni?
13:00 abhinav dfarning : At present, we are making a list of files that are involved in the upload part of .xo files.
13:01 sugaroid changes topic to "Sugar Activity Library development, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activity_Library (alsroot) || Logs on http://jita.sugarlabs.org (alsroot)"
13:02 abhinav dfarning : Did not get what exactly you want to say?
13:03 dfarning : If you were asking about the location of zamboni. It is in Anubhav folder on the server.
13:03 dfarning abhinav, Can I access the zamboni install via a url such as slo1.rit.edu ?
13:04 aslo1.rit.edu
13:06 abhinav dfarning : We are getting a internal server which we are trying to solve currently.
13:07 dfarning abhinav, does everyone on the team have the access they need to aslo1.rit.edu ?
13:07 manusheel dfarning: Abhinav would not have looked at that part. Anubhav was working on aslo1.rit.edu. Yes, they do have the access.
13:08 dfarning manusheel,  ok, anubhav is leading the set up?
13:08 manusheel dfarning: Yes, at aslo1.rit.edu.
13:10 dfarning manusheel, Will he be around today or tomorrow?  I'll help him set up zamboni for production on aslo1?
13:11 abhinav, is it pretty easy to ssh into aslo1? or are there lags which make it hard to use remotely?
13:12 manusheel dfarning: Yes, he'll be around today. Had trouble using internet on Ubuntu due to heavy downpour here.
13:12 dfarning: I'll ask him to come online today.
13:13 abhinav dfarning : it works fine
13:13 i do not think there are any lags.
13:13 dfarning manusheel, ok great I'll work with him to set up a production zamboni system.
13:14 abhinav, ok that is good to know.... it is really annoying to type something and have it show up five seconds later on the remote terminal.
13:15 abhinav, ok next topic:)
13:15 abhinav dfarning : Yes it does get irritating when that happens.
13:15 anubhav has joined #aslo-dev
13:16 dfarning abhinav, what is the plan for modifily zamboni to meet sugar's needs?
13:16 manusheel dfarning: Great. Anubhav is here too.
13:16 anubhav hi all
13:17 dfarning anubhav, good morning I was just asking abhinav for a status update on aslo1?
13:17 abhinav dfarning : We have worked on our python concepts so that we can work on uploading files on zamboni.
13:17 anubhav dfarning, good morning
13:18 dfarning abhinav, +1 basic python skills.  have any of you worked with python before?
13:18 manusheel dfarning: No. They are experts in PhP, Cakephp.
13:19 abhinav dfarning : No. Not yet. But i think that should not be a problem as python did not seem to be very tough. :)
13:19 manusheel dfarning: They have also done neat development in C, C++ programming.
13:20 dfarning welcome to django:)  Yes, python is pretty straight forward.... the best thing is it is very readable.
13:21 anubhav, have you created a git repo at git.sl.org?
13:21 for aslo1
13:21 anubhav no . not yet
13:22 dfarning anubhav, ok can you do that first thing.  it is important to get in the habit of using the cvs.
13:23 anubhav, how are your sysadmin skill coming?  looks like you got thrown into the deep end.
13:23 anubhav dfarning:i have created a test repositor
13:23 manusheel dfarning: Anubhav, Abhinav and Jatin are very comfortable on gitorious.
13:25 anubhav dfarninng:i will creat one new for aslo1
13:25 dfarning ok anubhav one good place to start would be to modify the look and feel of zamboni to match aslo.... css and js must be famililar to you.
13:26 anubhav, the css is all in media/
13:26 anubhav ok do you want it to be like current one
13:26 aslo has
13:27 dfarning anubhav, I think so
13:28 anubhav so we will have to pick css files from cakephp and replace the in zamboni accrodingly i guess
13:30 dfarning anubhav, +1 that is how you will be doing a lot of the modification to zamboni.... might as well start doing that in a language you know well then doing in tin python:)
13:31 abhinav dfarning : We are not falimiliar with tin python yet
13:32 manusheel abhinav: You can work on CSS and JS.
13:33 dfarning abhinav, :) I am dyslexic.  The stuff I write some times needs interruption -- 'than doing it in python'
13:34 abhinav manusheel , dfarning : Jatin and i will handle the css and js.
13:34 manusheel abhinav: Great.
13:35 dfarning abhinav, great.
13:35 abhinav dfarning :ok...got it...no problem. :)
13:36 dfarning anubhav, Do you what to go over setting up the production server?  Or is that too much sysadmin stuff too early?
13:38 anubhav ok we can do it right now
13:42 dfarning anubhav, can you log into aslo1 and sudo su
13:43 anubhav yes done it
13:44 dfarning anubhav, try screen -ls
13:45 anubhav There is a screen on: 18436.pts-0.aslo1(09/04/2010 03:40:49 PM)(Attached) 1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-root.
13:45 dfarning: this is displayed
13:45 dfarning anubhav, try screen -RA
13:47 anubhav yesthe creenis cleared
13:47 *dfarning:*yes the
13:47 dfarning: *screen is
13:50 dfarning anubhav, sorry I am trying to figure out how to create a screen session.
13:50 manusheel has quit IRC
13:51 manusheel has joined #aslo-dev
13:51 anubhav dfarning: ok what is supposed to happen?
13:51 dfarning anubhav, can you log out of screen and then enter screen -x test
13:52 anubhav There are several suitable screens on:         18633.test      (09/04/2010 03:50:37 PM)        (Attached)         18621.pts-0.aslo1       (09/04/2010 03:50:17 PM)        (Attached)         18608.pts-2.aslo1       (09/04/2010 03:46:34 PM)        (Attached) Type "screen [-d] -r [pid.]tty.host" to resume one of them.
13:52 dfarning anubhav, we should be able to  work from the same terminal
13:53 anubhav dfarning: which screen shud i go to
13:53 dfarning the one call test
13:58 anubhav,  while logged in a root did you type screen -x test
13:58 anubhav yes i did
13:59 dfarning can you see the stuff I am typing in the terminal
14:00 anubhav, ^^
14:01 anubhav no i cannot
14:01 dfarning anubhav, I have gotten it to work from two diffent computers.
14:01 anubhav, try screen -ls
14:03 anubhav actually i could not change the screen to 18633.test
14:03 There are screens on: 18633.test(09/04/2010 03:50:37 PM)(Attached) 18621.pts-0.aslo1(09/04/2010 03:50:17 PM)(Attached) 18608.pts-2.aslo1(09/04/2010 03:46:34 PM)(Attached) 3 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-roo
14:03 dfarning: ^ is displayed
14:05 when i type "screen -ls"
14:06 dfarning anubhav, I be back in a few minute.  Dogi showed my how to do this a few months ago and it looked really easy with him explaining.  I am going to go and read about screen.  will be back in a few minutes. sorry.
14:07 anubhav dfarning: no problem
14:15 manusheel back in 15 mins.
14:17 manusheel has quit IRC
14:40 dfarning anubhav, I am going to have to dig into this deeper.  I'll ping you in a  couple of hours.
14:41 manusheel has joined #aslo-dev
14:55 abhinav has quit IRC
15:05 anubhav has gone for dinner
15:25 anubhav has come back
15:27 manusheel anubhav: Hi Anubhav.
15:27 dfarning: Did you get a chance to review what Stefan (dogi) had worked on?
15:31 dfarning manusheel, not yet
15:31 manusheel dfarning: Ok.
15:32 anubhav manusheel: hi sir
15:33 manusheel anubhav: Hi Anubhav.
15:40 dfarning anubhav, can we try again?
15:41 anubhav, if so please see http://www.linuxdynasty.org/sc[…]howto-part-1.html
15:59 anubhav dfarning: reading it....
16:00 dfarning anubhav, when you get done try to log into aslo1, sudo su, and try to attach to the screen session test.
16:07 anubhav bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
16:07 dfarning: this ^ error comes when i type screen-r <18633.test>
16:08 dfarning anubhav, try without the < and >
16:09 anubhav dfarning: yes i am connected
16:10 dfarning anubhav, try entering something in the terminal
16:11 anubhav entered anubhav
16:14 dfarning anubhav, can you see what I am typing in the terminal
16:15 anubhav no it sort of detached by itself earlier it was connected  i will connect again
16:20 dfarning:not able to connect to ssh aslo1.rit.edu
16:20 dfarning : when i type ^ command nothing happens
16:21 dfarning anubhav, hmm that is weird
16:22 manusheel anubhav: Ok. That is strange.
16:23 dfarning anubhav, I am getting the same thing I have terminal open connected to aslo1.... but ssh hangs if I try t make a different connection.
16:24 anubhav dfarning: there must be some problem with the server
16:26 manusheel anubhav, that shouldn't be the case. Can you send your ssh public key to me again? Let me check if it is the same.
16:27 dfarning manusheel, I am having the same problem as anubhav something is screwed up with sshd.  i am looking at it now.
16:27 manusheel dfarning: Ok. Indeed weird.
16:30 dfarning anubhav, try ssh -v aslo1.rit.edu
16:32 anubhav dfarning: it also hangs after         debug1: Entering interactive session.
16:33 dfarning anubhav, same for me.  we will have to wait for and admin to fix it on monday
16:33 anubhav dfarning: ok
16:35 manusheel dfarning: Do we have a good documentation resource of Zamboni code?
16:35 dfarning: Our team did look at it. Didn't find any particular good resource.
16:36 dfarning manusheel, just what is at https://wiki.mozilla.org/AMO:Developers
16:37 anubhav, something must be wrong with the the infrastructure in the computer room,
16:38 anubhav, I am getting the same error with all three also machines
16:38 anubhav dfarning: ok.how much time shall it take according to you?
16:39 dfarning I'll ping the sysadmin but I think we can expect it to be down until monday
16:39 anubhav dfarning: has this happened before also
16:40 dfarning anubhav, I have never seen it.
16:40 anubhav dfarning: hm....
16:51 dfarning anubhav, do you have stuff to work on in the mean time?
16:53 manusheel dfarning: Anubhav is working on locating the files used for uploading the .xo packages. Zamboni have maintained URLs through multiple files.
16:53 dfarning: So, they need to go through each file, and study their regex code.
16:54 dfarning: There is no documentation on Zamboni at the Mozilla link. So, this part might take sometime.
16:54 dfarning manusheel, ok I'll work on the servers and ping you when they are back onine
16:54 manusheel dfarning: Sure. That would be great.
17:16 abhinav has joined #aslo-dev
17:24 anubhav has quit IRC
17:30 abhinav has quit IRC

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